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Inspired: My Favorite Sites for Design Inspiration

In college whenever I was struggling to come up with a great idea for a project I joked that it was time to bust out my fat sharpie. There is something about sniffing a good marker that gets the creative juices flowing.

Today instead of giving you a tip that will leave you with no more than a splitting headache I am going to list out a few of the sites I turn to when I am in need of inspiration.

So without further ado and in no particular order…

1. Dribbble

Josh1I know what you are thinking, but no, the ‘b’ key on my keyboard is working just fine.  If you haven’t heard of Dribbble before it is time to check it out. The great thing about finding inspiration via Dribbble is that all of the posted content is high quality. In order for creatives to post work to their site they have to be invited by a current member, which means the content you browse comes from experienced creatives from around the world.

Create a free account and you can follow creatives that inspire you.  Create a portfolio of your own and maybe you’ll get “drafted” and can participate fully in the community.

Here are some creatives that inspire me:

2. Behance

Josh2Behance, an Adobe product, has a very similar feel and look to Dribbble.  It has great search functionality, the community is superb and you can follow creatives that inspire you.

Here are some profiles that inspire me:

3. Designinspiration

Josh3Simple, intuitive, and inspiring. Use their cool search functionality and in an instant you have a plethora of top notch inspiration in front of you.  Save the stuff you like in organized collections for later viewing and reference.

Here are some search tags that inspire me:

4. Creattica

josh4This is one to keep an eye on. The site’s minimalist and intuitive interface makes for easy and quick browsing.  The only downside is that there is not nearly as much content to search through as these other sites. However, I imagine that it will only be a matter of time until that changes.

Here are some categories that inspire me:

5. Flickr Groups

Josh5Flickr is huge which means there is a large database of content. Finding a Flickr group that inspires you can become a great resource. Search for a group based on keyword.

Here are a few groups that inspire me:

So next time avoid the sharpie induced headache and see if you can find the inspiration you are looking for from these great sites.

What else do you guys do when in need of inspiration?

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