Curious about what’s brewing in the Internet marketing world lately? Find out the latest news and current events about online marketing and more with this week’s round-up served fresh.

Google Starts to Index Comments on Facebook

For those thriving in the SEO market, Google’s ability to crawl a Facebook Page is good news. Previously, Facebook comments had always been embedded with Javascript, so it was not possible for Google to index specific comments posted in Facebook. Now that the “search giant” can now scroll through the comments just like any other website, it is possible to combine search engine optimization with social networking and get online marketing benefits. Users can now make a Google search for a particular Facebook comment.

Find Your Niche Target Market Now Through Google+ Ripples

The main purpose of Google+ Ripples is to go viral and build connections. For savvy marketers, learning to use the latest Google feature is necessary. Basically, Google+ Ripples allows online marketing company owners to share their niche to top influencers through Google+ in an effort to increase traffic and click-throughs.

Twitter Tests Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Twitter has confirmed that select marketers began testing self-service advertiser platform. The project was first mentioned by CEO Dick Costolo in September 2010. Recently, selected advertisers can now set up and run their own Promoted Products campaigns via Twitter.

Tubalr’s Simplicity and YouTube

The online world is abuzz with the arrival of the latest web music service, Tubalr. It is a simple app that basically makes a playlist out of YouTube videos based on musicians or bands you like. Through Tubalr, it is easy to listen to a band’s or an artist’s top YouTube videos minus all the clutter YouTube brings. The app will give users the choice to generate a playlist that either contains only music from the artist of their choice, or that of similar artists, as well.

Using Facebook to Promote Holiday Shopping

Facebook has an enormous audience and massive popularity, that is given. Through Facebook, people are hearing about the hottest gifts this season. The social networking site is swiftly becoming the genuine platform for bringing online shoppers to online shopping websites. That’s why online marketers are taking advantage of its services, specifically the “Like” button and social recommendation feature.

Meanwhile, there are three tips for brands to consider this holiday season. First off, it is important to have specific goals and advertising campaigns to meet those objectives. Second, it is necessary to pick the right ad units and align them with your goals. Third, brands must think about ways to encourage social sharing during the holiday.