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Internet Marketing News Weekly Recap: December 20 – 27, 2011


Published: December 27, 2011 (Updated: August 21, 2019)

While people were busy celebrating the Yuletide season last week, the World Wide Web is preoccupied with its many updates and overhauls. From new ad platforms to site improvement, the Internet is definitely gearing up to set new online marketing trends before the year ends. Read more to check out how the Internet marketing industry sizzled during the holidays.

Facebook Ads will appear in Users’ News Feed Soon

Facebook ads are expanding again, as the social media giant will start testing Sponsored Stories within a user’s News Feed early next year. Due to the intrusive nature of advertisements, Facebook confirmed that only one ad will directly appear on a user’s stream per day. In addition, the post will appear with a small “Sponsored” label at the lower right side, and will be relevant to the user’s friends or a page that he or she is a fan of. However, Facebook didn’t disclose any information with regards to purchasing of this ad type.

Pinterest Shows Massive Growth for 2011

Other than Google+ and Tumblr, Experian Hitwise recently reported that Pinterest, an online pin board social media site, saw great growth during the latter part of this year. The social media sharing site received almost 11 million total visits last week, wherein more than 50% of its visitors are 25 – 44 year old female audience. Similar sites like Polyvore, Svpply and Wanelo are also starting to create a buzz and should be watched out for 2012.

Affiliate Marketing is Creating Fireworks on Twitter

With an average of 120,000 tweets per week, affiliates are obviously using Twitter to promote their merchant’s products or services. Aside from the fact that it’s free and easy to use, brands love Twitter because they are not required to have a large following to get noticed in the micro-blogging site. In relation to this, The Search Monitor Tweet Data reported that the most promoted brands are, and Groupon. Additionally, the booming of Affiliate Marketing in Twitter makes monitoring tweets as a key component for marketing strategies such as affiliate recruitment, twitter trends tracking and promotion monitoring.

Google, to Enter the Social Enterprise Space

As more companies are looking to incorporate Facebook-like communications among its workers, Google is deemed to enter the social enterprise soon. The search engine giant’s VP of Enterprise Amir Singh revealed that a more in-depth Google+ social experience for businesses and institutions using Google Apps will be out soon. Seeing a shift from individual productivity based applications to more social apps, the search engine giant is creating a more collaborative environment for businesses. However, the specifics of Google Apps for business are still under development. Regardless of this, Amir Singh promised that Google will offer “some good choices for businesses to take advantage of both internal and external communication capabilities” in 2012.

There are definitely a lot of things in store for Internet marketing next year. That being said, expect a big change on how brands and businesses connect to their online consumers in the future.

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