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Internet Marketing News Weekly Recap: November 1 – 8, 2011


Published: November 8, 2011

So, what’s in store for the Internet marketing community this week? New, trending topics just hot off the press are now available for everyone’s consumption. From new research findings to latest search engine-related news, to powerhouse social networking plans, this week’s roundup of important industry news has it all.

Mobilize Business with the help of Google’s GoMo

Users can now take their business websites anywhere with Google’s GoMo. Now, more people are using their mobile devices to go online for all kinds of transactions. It is important for companies to let potential customers look at what they want even on their phones or tablets. If they can’t cater to their mobile business needs, they’ll lose customers to a competitor that has gone mobile. is a helpful tool that allows business owners to see how their websites would appear on mobile devices. Once they’ve seen how it looks, GoMo will also give suggestions on how they can improve their sites so that they will work well on mobile browsers.

Facebook’s New Data Center will be out of the US, Near the Arctic Circle

Looks like Facebook wants to save up on cooling costs for its new data center. As it turns out, the social networking kingpin will erect a new data center in Lulea, Sweden, just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle. This is in line with its efforts to expand overall coverage, as it gives way to a better and faster service for Facebook users in Europe. As the number of Facebook users continue to increase, it is a no-brainer to have more data centers outside the United States to address the social networking needs of the whole world. Constructing a new data center in the Arctic Circle does not only keep its generators from overheating, but it also paints a whole new picture about Facebook’s efforts to take on the world via social networking.

Online Marketers Rake in the Most Leads from SEO, Social Media Marketing Closely Follows

On a survey conducted for the 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report, SEO came out as the number one source for generating leads. The survey was conducted on 500 US online marketers, two-thirds of which are business-to-business marketers. B2B marketers generated more than 57% of their leads from SEO, while business-to-consumer marketers credit 41%. But the attention of these online marketers is now focused on Social Media Marketing, as they plan to increase their SMM budgets for next year. This is a testament to the evolution of Internet marketing, as businesses continue to adapt to developments in the field.

Expect Faster, Fresher Search Results with Google’s Improved Search Engine Algorithm

Google once again changes the way its search engine works. It is not really an overhaul, but an improvement: Google now wants to freshen up the content returned on every query. The improved search engine algorithm will allow search results to show up within minutes of getting uploaded. This will affect one out of three searches and will ensure that the information Google provides is mostly up-to-date and relevant. But as the changes roll-out, it is important to note that there will surely be an adjustment phase so that Google can work out the kinks and ultimately provide a better searching experience for its avid users.


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