It has been an eventful week in the online marketing world. Here are some of top news stories that you may have missed:


Google Launches E-Commerce “Trusted Store” Badges

Perhaps finally hearing the call of e-commerce, Google has set a new standard with the launching of their “Trusted Store” badges last week. These badges will be displayed on online shopping sites that abide by the rules of proper and trustworthy online business. This should help customers steer clear of questionable sites that may turn out to be scam and phishing sites that continue to plague the Internet.


Advertisers Respond to Facebook Analytics Changes

The famous social networking website is known for making swift changes and implementing experiments with their own system to enhance user experience. With the changes in their analytics recently, it may affect how advertisements are displayed to users. With Facebook’s massive following, online marketing services are scrambling to figure out the formula for this new analytics system.


Google Panda 2.5 Update Sends Shockwaves

The latest update of Google Panda has shaken the SEO world due to various changes that may seem abrupt, but perhaps necessary. The initial response was that of shock and resentment, as the new algorithm seems to have sent page view counts plummeting. But after a few weeks, many sites have regained control through some measures, both drastic and preventive. Thus, if you are a website owner or a team of professionals dedicated to online marketing services, you would give your eye teeth to have the algorithm of Google explained.


Steve Jobs Passes Away

After a well-publicized battle with pancreatic cancer, Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56. It had been a little over a month since his final resignation as CEO, in which Tim Cook took his place as head of the company. He has been laid to rest at Alta Mesa Memorial Park in Palo Alto, California.


Online Users Pay Tribute to the Late Steve Jobs

Condolences and heartfelt gestures flooded throughout the Internet almost immediately after the announcement of Steve Jobs’s passing. Tributes poured out online as people paid their last respects to one of technology’s greatest pioneers. Famous personalities from various fields also released statements to commemorate Jobs’s life as an innovator and inspiration to all.


Search Query Data in Google Analytics: YOUR Organic Click-Through Rates Revealed!

Google’s Webmaster Central Blog announced that search query data is now available through Google Analytics. This new level of transparency may be just what online marketers need to refine their methods in order to get more money rolling in.


iPhone 4S as New Avenue for Online Marketing

The recent release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S, along with iOS 5, has produced a lot of buzz in the online marketing scene. The various social features of the mobile device may spark new ideas from online marketing services on sharing websites and other commodities online.