The Internet world continues to keep people interested with new trends that change the whole world’s perception of doing business and living in general.  Here is the latest buzz in the Internet marketing industry.


Google’s Rise To The Top

Two huge pieces of news surrounding Google will definitely push this conglomerate into new heights. The first one includes a report about a news media reader designed to vie people’s attention away from the infamous Flipboard. Dubbed as Propeller, it is designed to work with both Android and iPad, and is described by a known technology blogger as “mind-blowing good.” And for the rest of the world, we just have to wait for its unknown release date.

The second is Google’s partnership with Samsung in the unveiling of a Samsung smartphone running on Google’s Android operating system called “Ice Cream Sandwich.” Although the details of these latest products remain a mystery, it clearly shows that Google is always on top of its game delivering products that push the boundaries of technology.


Amazon Releases New Kindle

Amazon continues to provide the world with innovations that offer convenience and simplicity designed for modern living. Its latest product, an Android-based tablet known as Kindle Fire, offers users an alternative to expensive tablets in the market.

The new tablet boasts of multi-touch display, Wi-Fi capabilities, a better and faster web browser called Silk, and user-friendly interface that provides easy access to Amazon content. And with a competitive price to boot, it creates a healthy competitive air among companies that sell tablets.


Google Releases Flow Visualization for Google Analytics

Google takes another huge step in providing another tool that can help people in business with their online marketing services. It is called Flow Visualization. This neat little Google Analytics tool provides users a visual representation of visitor activity on their website. It tracks the most important information of visitor activity including the source, the length of visit, and pages visited.

Google Analytics’s Flow Visualization can help users modify their marketing strategy to suit the audience based on the given data.


MC Hammer’s Wiredoo

Yes, you heard it right. It’s MC Hammer. The same guy who gave us parachute pants and “Can’t Touch This” in the ’90s is back, but not in the music world. MC Hammer has dipped his fingers in the Internet world by launching a brand new search engine called Wiredoo.

What makes Wiredoo different? Its focus is primarily on relational searches; which means if one looks for “parachute pants,” it would display the pants together with links on style advice, clothing materials, etc. Its release date remains unknown, although, interested parties can sign up for beta testing.


So, there you have it – the news that kept the techies, the geeks, the marketing gurus, the Internet enthusiasts and everyone else glued to their monitors in the past week.