Just the other day I had the opportunity to meet and interview Tampa local, Lindsay Wassell, President & SEO at Keyphraseology. She pleasantly surprised us with a quick visit to the CopyPress office, so I had to take advantage of her presence and snag a quick interview.

Lindsay has an extensive and impressive background in the Search Engine Optimization industry, which has allowed her the opportunity to make an impressionable impact on the industry. We were lucky enough to hear expert insight on key topics within the search industry, including response codes, Hummingbird, and the most influential content marketing strategies.

Below are just some of the questions Lindsay answered for us; to hear more from Lindsay, check out the full interview below.

Nicole: I read your article from last year on response codes and I loved the cartoon analogies. Was the creation of the cartoon explanation prompted by one person in particular, or did you just notice how a lot of people in general have a hard time understanding response codes?

Lindsay: “That post was inspired by people’s confusion over response codes, and I wanted to find a way to communicate it to people in more of a fun way. I think it started from a email thread between friends. We were joking back and forth about analogies, like, ‘I always think about response codes as a retail store!’.” (Visit Moz to read Lindsay’s Response Codes Explained with Pictures.)

Nicole: What do you think is the most influential piece of a content marketing strategy? (Email marketing? Inbound/outbound? Social? Content Quality & frequency?)

Lindsay: “All of those things that you mentioned can be an important factor. But the most important thing of a successful content strategy is the idea and execution; what are you making and why? If you do that really, really well, then the rest will fall into place. It’s really hard to promote garbage.”

Nicole: What is one piece of advice you’d have for someone working on his or her content strategy for 2014?

Lindsay: “Think about how you can provide something no one else is providing, or how you can do it better than everyone else. What is an under-served market or area, or content topic, or tool or resource? Take it and own it; make it better.”

Watch the full interview below to learn more about Lindsay, Keyphraseology, and to hear more of her insightful perspective on the search industry.

About our Interview Guest:

Beginning her career in internet marketing and search engine optimization back in 2000, Lindsay has since worked as an in-house search marketer, leader of the SEOmoz Consulting Team, and now CEO and Lead SEO Consultant at Keyphraseology. Lindsay is a regular speaker to professional Internet Marketing and SEO audiences at major conferences, including SMX, SEOmoz Training, and the Microsoft Speaker Series.

If you’d like to get in touch with Lindsay, you can email her or reach out to her through the contact form on the Keyphraseology website.