Haul out the holly and get ready to deck some halls, because the holiday spirit has officially come to the CopyPress blog! In the spirit of giving, we’re proud to introduce our own gift to our nearest and dearest readers: The 12 Days of Marketing!

Look, we’re as much of a fan of the 12 Days of Christmas as anyone. Twelve days of presents? What’s not to love?

What we’re not so big on is the huge price tag for all those golden rings and lords-a-leaping: the 28th Annual PNC Christmas Price Index estimates the cost of all those milkmaids and piping pipers at $23,439.38. Yikes. Plus, there’s the matter of all the poultry in the song—we’re pretty sure your apartment complex won’t look kindly on a sudden adoption of six laying geese and seven swans-a-swimming.

So we thought we’d give you something more useful instead with the 12 Days of Marketing. Every day we’ll cover a specific marketing topic—and what’s more, we’ll feature some killer tips and insight from a different industry blogger with each post.

Want a sneak peak at the topics we’ll be covering? Of course you do! See be;ow all the dates and topics and make sure to check out our 12 Days of Marketing Calendar!

  • December 7th:  A Lesson in Content Strategy
  • December 8th:  Search Engine Love
  • December 9th:  Free Sales Leads
  • December 12th: More Calling Cards
  • December 13th:  Quick Writing Tips
  • December 14th:  Get Links-a-Building
  • December 15th:  Seven Ways of Sharing
  • December 16th: Great Guests-a-Posting
  • December 19thReal Writers Writing
  • December 20th: Only Words Worth Reading
  • December 21st:  Easy Integration
  • December 22ndTwelve Bloggers Blogging
Did you find yourself singing the song in your head while reading our topic list? Make sure to stick around for day twelve to listen to our CopyPress team of carolers belt our rendition of “The 12 days of Marketing”.

So pass around the fruitcake and figgy pudding and get ready to celebrate the holidays, CopyPress-style—we can’t wait to read your feedback!