The past few months have shown a new evolution in the growth of CopyPress. With the launch of the CopyPressed blog and webinar series, we have showcased our new commitment to education and training.

But that was just the beginning.

Knowing how much our community of online marketers could benefit from a full school of tips, tricks, and trainings, we started our largest education undertaking yet… CopyPress Community.

CopyPress Community is a full blown learning center, training facility, multimedia educational portal, and free swag source all rolled into one. This Community and all of its materials are free and useful to all members of online marketing including writers, designers, publishers, marketers, and everyone in between.

Why Now?

In the past few years, the Internet has changed. Major movements from Google have started an online evolution moving away from spamming, SEO-stuffing, and suckering readers toward quality, purposed content and natural, organic outreach.

This is a revival that should be celebrated and cheered by the online masses. It’s raising the bar for industry standards and allowing online marketers to incorporate integrity and passion back into their products.  But this change hasn’t been completely welcomed with open arms.

Many don’t have the tools and education required to evolve toward the new standards. Other don’t have a team capable of producing the higher-level products needed to grow in the right direction.

Lacking the know how to move forward, many online markers have hit road blocks in their marketing strategies. Even worse, those who understand the new standards are struggling to find other marketing contractors with the same industry know how to work with them.

CopyPress Community is here to help. This community will help educate a new generation of online marketers in online outreach and content development so they too can move along with the new online revolution.

How Does It Work?

  1. Training – We will provide extremely detailed training guides with everything one needs to successfully undertake an online marketing tactic. Guides will include both the reasoning and best practices for each element of online marketing.
  2. Certification – Marketers may choose to take online testing to receive certification for each element of our marketing training. These certifications will verify aptitude for subject matter and help marketers prove their expertise to other marketers.
  3. Videos – Through both live webinars and recorded videos, we will offer a variety of interactive lessons and training sessions. Each video will remain a valuable future resource.
  4. Swag – We want to reward our writers with both free training tools and fun, educational accessories and inspiration. A variety of freebie swag including e-books and posters will be available for all Community members.
  5. Blog – The CopyPress Community blog will feature fresh content relating to each marketing tactic. Community members will be able to share insights and submit content through our Blog encouraging open discussions in our Community.
  6. Hiring – Online marketers looking for work as contractors may use CopyPress Community as a gateway for working with CopyPress in a variety of capacities.

All of these resources will touch on online marketing from start to finish, and be valuable to the people responsible for creating each element of the process.

  • Content Creation – Online marketing starts with content so we will offer training for both writing and designing:
    • Sharebait
    • Product Descriptions
    • New Blogs
    • Infographics
    • Infovideos
  • Connection – Building natural connections is a vital way to extend outreach so we will train on:
    • Blogger Outreach
    • Connection Creation
    • Curation Strategy
    • Conversion Optimization
    • SEO Strategy

Our training offerings will grow with our community, and we will constantly update the site with education on the most current and successful online marketing tactics and strategies.

Why Are We Doing It?

Originally, CopyPress was going to name this educational portal CopyPress University. But after really thinking about the ultimate goal for this outlet, CopyPress CEO, Dave Snyder decided that CopyPress Community was a better fit for our model.

This isn’t a school. This isn’t a mash-up of resources collected to prove our intelligence. And this isn’t just another online marketing website.

CopyPress Community is an ambitious attempt to create a community of creative entrepreneurs who can work together at the highest level possible to achieve the highest possible good.

By giving marketers of all levels the skills to succeed, we are helping move the online revolution and increase the overall quality of online content everywhere.

So I guess you could say that we are being a little selfish. We love quality content and want everyone else to see how awesome it is when the right combination of purposed content and natural outreach come together to promote a brand, idea, or story.

And, if you say we are selfishly building an army of other like us. You’re right.

We want trained writers, designers, publishers, and content markets to come work with us so together we can fuel the content revolution. We also want others like us to come together to share their personal insights, opinions, and unique perspectives to make this a true Community of modern marketers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

We created CopyPress Community for you, so join us in the new content revolution.