CopyPress Core Value: Commitment to Learning and Testing

There is nothing I find more detestable from consultants and agencies than the thought that they are superior in knowledge to their client. I have been a part of companies who devalue client input and thoughts, secretly whispering their ineptitude behind their back.

The reality is, if someone pays you to do something for them, you are likely better at it and know more than they do. For example, my CPA definitely understands tax codes better than I do. However, when I have a question due to my lack of knowledge he never belittles me, instead he educates me.

Arrogance:  an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions

It is my opinion that a consultant’s job is to get results, and to educate the client on these results. Lawyers, doctors, CPAs all do this. Your doctor doesn’t just prescribe you a treatment and laugh at you for not understanding what the issue is, never explaining it.

CopyPress isn’t a consultancy, or agency, in any format, however we hold our core value to learning very close. This is why we have rolled out the following initiatives:

  1. CopyPress Community – A free training and certification resource, not only for our contractors, but for our customers and their clients.
  2. Click It with Feeling – Our first ebook. We take an indepth look at the psychology behind online actions.
  3. Our New York and Albany free training courses coming the first week of December.

Companies like Catalyst and Overit truly get it. Well-educated clients are good clients. Well-educated clients understand what you are doing, and will spend more because they see the ROI.  A community that shares knowledge grows together.

The idea that holding knowledge over a group of people makes you more powerful is literally logic directly out of the dark ages. There is nothing to be gained from it other than a self-fulfilling sense of superiority.

I would call on every company, regardless of the vertical to look at how you can empower your staff, vendors, and clients through education. Share what you know, and ask them to do the same. The results will astonish, and yield long term relationships that grow businesses.