As some of you may already know, this week marks the official launch of our beta software to users. We are now sending out email invites, and will continue to gradually welcome more and more of you who signed up to request beta access in October and early November. To help kick off the launch of each section of the software, we’ve organized a schedule of live webinar walkthroughs for beta users to experience a live demonstration of each section as it’s released to our beta users. These webinars are designed to offer some assistance to our new users by answering any potential questions or challenges for users, and will serve as a resource to help new beta users navigate through all of the features of the software once they register.

Our first webinar walkthrough will be today, Wednesday 12/11 at 3:00-3:30pm EST. We’ll be embedding the live feed here (in this blog post) approximately 15 minutes before we broadcast, so be sure to bookmark this page now to tune in live.Over the next few months we’ll continue to offer live webinar walkthroughs to correlate with each new section and feature release. Here’s the overview of what will be covered in today’s walkthrough webinar.

12/11/2013 – Kickoff Launch Walkthrough @ 3:00-3:30pm EST

We’ll be going through how to register once you receive your email invite, and then we’ll be walking through all of the features in the Content section of the software, and where to find help in our new customer support and Frequently Asked Questions section.

Content Section Features:

  • Audit your websites’ content and grade it against the competition.
  • Manage your orders in our marketplace (for copy, video, & infographics).
  • Search Twitter, find interesting URLs from around the web, and flesh ideas out of those topics using our proven psychological approach to shareable content.
  • Take those ideas and add them to an editorial calendar – assigning them to either internal creatives or in our marketplace.
  • Use our system to upload, create, or push content to your site.

We hope to see you during the live kickoff walkthrough webinar later today at 3:00pm EST and for the additional walkthroughs for the upcoming features too. If you signed up to request beta access during the months of October and early November, be sure to keep an eye out for your beta invite in your inbox –  and thank you for your continued support!

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