In 2009 I attended a Bing event for the unveiling of their new search engine. They seemed to be going at this thing full steam. They, like Google had done when they were young, we listening to what tastemakers had to say.  In the following two years they lost an estimated $5.5 BILLION dollars. I tried to “Bing” updated losses, but that was a failure.

I think few people truly comprehend the market power that Google has with its 66%+ share of US search. Amazon accounted for 33% of US online retail sales. But once you get outside of the US, Google’s hold gets even firmer with the exception of some countries in Asia, i.e. China.

Bing continues to pour marketing dollars into the engine in order to capture or retain their market share, but the results seem so forced.

From TV to Movies, you hear more characters forcing out the suggestion to “Bing It.”

Apparently Spiderman uses Bing, which is why the Avengers didn’t invite him to the party.

Because we know the Avengers would never sell out 😉

Apparently hipsters are annoyed that main stream media is promoting the other engine…

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