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Content creation versus content curation: which is better? While content creation used to be the gold standard in journalism, new media has made it possible to create killer content through curation. Sometimes, content produced using a solid content curation strategy can actually be more informative than original creative.

To understand the terms, think of creation as the development of content that’s totally original. Curation, on the other hand, involves sharing or incorporating content that’s been created by someone else. If you tweet a link to an article on someone else’s website, for example, that’s curation. But if you seek out an exclusive interview with an expert to write an article, that’s creation.

Most often, companies use a mix of both and sometimes take a blended approach, meaning they incorporate content created by others but add original insight and analysis.  Content curation, especially when blended with creation, is a strategy smart marketers use to increase the volume of content they’re able to put out there for consumers. Here’s how to use curation to your advantage.

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