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Learning from the White House Twitter Account

The White House Twitter account usually shares updates about health care, facts about immigration, and photos of the Obamas spending time together as a family. Yesterday, however, the account proved that at least one person who works for the government has a sense of humor.

Mean Girls is not a liberal conspiracy and democrats aren’t the only US citizens that own dogs. People love their pets. People love Internet memes. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it’s Twitter done right.

Not Every Tweet Needs an Agenda

Most of the White House tweets are created to promote President Obama’s policies and causes, but this one was created to capture a moment. Not every piece of content needs to ask readers to buy or share, and posting only promotional content will make your account sound like an advertisement. If people feel like they’re constantly getting sold to, they’ll eventually hit unfollow.

You Can’t Please Everyone

President Obama was recently criticized for taking vacations. To be politically fair, President Bush was also called-out for his. No matter what the White House posts, it will inevitably receive negative comments.  (Obama should spend less time playing with his dog and more time fixing our economy, etc.)

There’s no way for brands to create posts that please the entire Twitterverse, especially if your brand is as politically polarizing as the White House is. Everyone has detractors, and trolls are a part of Internet life.

Don’t Alienate Potential Ambassadors

The White House account has a unique trait that sets it apart from most other brands on Twitter: in 2016, it’s likely that the brand voice will make a complete 180 on multiple issues. (Imagine Chick-fil-A coming out in support of gay marriage just months after rallying against it.) As the White House becomes polarized to the beliefs of whichever political party is in office, little tweets like this will keep both democrats and republicans happy.

Even if you brand caters to a specific segment of the population, creating captivating content will appeal to audiences outside of your niche. Take the London Fire Brigade. They have many followers outside of England because they present fire safety is a unique and intriguing way.

It’s Okay to Evolve

With the new administration in 2016, we will see the White House account change hands for the first time. The new staff will find unique ways to spread their message and further their agenda. Social media is still young and changing. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies and types of posts as you set out to manage a brand.

Dozens of political analytics have discussed the President’s change in tone over the years. He becomes more or less conversational depending on the election process. It only makes sense that the tone of the White House twitter account would evolve as well.

Yesterday’s Mean Girls quote was Twitter at its finest, world leaders coming together to show-off pictures of their pets and quote cult classics. Next stop, world peace. Maybe on Wednesdays, the administration will wear pink.

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