Let’s Differentiate, Are You a Good Writer or a Guest Blogger?

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Yesterday Matt Cutts created a circus of madness by declaring that “guest blogging is done”. What Matt was discussing was people creating content for the purpose of creating links in the name of “guest blogging.” There is no doubt that plenty of junk has been created under the term guest blogging,” so this isn’t exactly a shock.

So, do we need to differentiate between good writers and guest bloggers? Yes. Does Google? Yes. We already know Google knows the difference between good and bad content/writing. We know they know which sites offer quality and which don’t. But, what is Google’s plan for guest bloggers in the future? They are probably going to come down harder on sites with horrible guest blogging content (as they should).

If you are going to be blogging for other sites, now or in the future, you need to make sure you are on the side of “good writer” instead of just a “guest blogger” (because guest blogger seems to have a negative connotation to it nowadays).

Are You Great? Or Do You Create Suckiness?

Articles that have no value and appear to be focused on self-promotion or getting links are a problem and they will hurt you. If Google has decided that “guest blogging is done” they most likely have a criteria for low quality blog content/authors. Therefore, you need to make sure you are focused on being  a “great writer.” You need to create greatness and go delete any low quality articles you have written in the past.

Below is a short list of what great writers offer:

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  • Unique content
  • Quality writing
  • Educational information
  • Actionable information
  • Different perspectives
  • Targeted information that helps a specific audience
  • Information that will be helpful in both the short and the long-term

Quality articles are not focused on the “links,” self-promotion or rapid publishing. They are typically based on goals. Possible goals:

  • To brand themselves
  • To gain respect in their industry
  • To prove they have a certain level of expertise
  • To offer something great that will educate the masses
  • To inform

Quality articles have a purpose and they are aimed to please, and perhaps educate, a specific audience. Quality articles also take a lot of time and effort and they meet needs. You shouldn’t write anything unless there is any audience that needs the information you provide.

Bad vs. Real

Bad Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has become a way, by ignorant folks, to spam the web. They try to get their business name and their links all over the net. Sadly, they don’t understand that this technique no longer works and has not worked for a long time.

What many sites are doing is just accepting anything to keep their blog publishing on a daily basis (and perhaps to provide links). These sites enable the horrible article creation because they are not focused on quality and they are focused on quantity. They will accept anything from anybody as long as they have “content.” There is some return for them to churn out crap, so they continue. I believe these sites will be in big trouble in the foreseeable future (if they were not already nailed by Panda).

Industry sites, like I described above, are not read and respected. In fact, they are often made fun of. My hope is that people that create the type  content I just described stop what they are doing and start creating something of value.

Real Guest Blogging

REAL guest blogging involves a website either choosing or accepting a writer based on the quality of the information they provide. Also, the article submitted must meet the established writers’ guidelines created by a blog or website.

Having an article accepted on a quality blog is not easy and no one should expect it to be. Real writers understand that expectations are high. Blogs that want/accept only “the best” are going to be just fine with Google and other search engines.

Quality writers are wanted and needed and they may be called “guest bloggers,” but the truth is they have a lot to offer; if for some reason Google can’t understand that then they fail.

Be Honest With Yourself

If you are a blogger you need to sit down and really evaluate what you have written and where you are being published.  If your articles do not include anything from the great writers short list above and you write with no goals, other than being published, what are you accomplishing. If you are creating weak content and being published on non-respected sites what does that do for you or your name? What type of reputation are you creating?

Bottom line: become a great writer and expect nothing less from yourself if you want to be respected in your field.

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