I have a lot of fun talking to people about CopyPress and where our long-term vision lies.

Going into the conversation most people have one or two incorrect ideas about us, and all of them are centered around platform-specific ideas about marketing.

As I explain our long-term vision, invariably most people get confused. I don’t use the words “Google” or “Facebook” or mention any other specific platform.

“Well how do you drive traffic and what problem do you solve?” is always the question.

The vision we are building at CopyPress is that traffic, and what is done with that traffic, must be approached from a place that is not platform-specific to be sustainable. In terms of the Internet, only one thing has not changed since its inception, and that is that content drives traffic. Tools and processes to increase the control we have over this concept is where we feel our energy is best put forth, especially as the world becomes connected by fewer and fewer wires, and seemingly all content moves towards an online experience.

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Can our tools be used to aid SEO or social media strategies with a platform focus?

Of course.

This isn’t just our focus as a company, but it is the focus of some that use our products. We are building a product set that is focused on sustainability and where the web as a whole is headed.

The draw back of Consumer Internet has always been monetization of the traffic it produces. In a world where people feel what they consume should be free, and banner blindness leads to lower CPMs as more and more people move online, content that fosters engagement is becoming the commodity that more and more advertisers are finding yields the returns they are looking for.

Don’t get stuck on “Content Marketing.” (You can replace this interchangeably with “Native Advertising” today.)

This is bigger.

This is an evolution in user behavior that is forcing a similar evolution in advertiser behavior.

Here is some proof from the Huffington Post, Vice , and other publishers who are looking to find new revenue streams. Look at StumbleUpon and Facebook, who have revenue streams dedicated to giving content visibility.

However, in a post-analytics and AdWords world, online advertisers want to know the immediate ROI of their campaign before it even launches. What can my ad-driven content generate in terms of sales? How do I funnel the traffic towards a sale? How do we make content about more than just “branding” and still play within the guidelines of the FTC?

These are the questions CopyPress is looking to answer.

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So what in the vision that I share leaves people confused?

I use the imagery of a triangle to represent the Internet. Three people make it run today, and thus attract the users that flood it: creatives, publishers, and advertisers.

Advertisers are willing to pay for the party as long as publishers and creatives can keep getting them in front of the right people. All three groups need tools to manage and communicate with the other in order to get the most out of the entire dance, and that is what CopyPress is. We are building tools that allow those three groups to offer users awesome content, while fulfilling the economical need that keeps the content coming.

We want to be the fulfillment engine for every publisher that will be forced into looking at more engaging advertising strategies, the virtual office for every creative looking to do what they love, and the SaaS provider for every advertiser looking to get a solid return and reporting for their marketing spend.

We want to be an ecosystem that sits atop the current evolving idea of the Internet, and does not thrust itself into a single platform.

Because of this we get feedback that often involves the following words:

“Too big…”
“Too much… “
“Not focused…”

They may be right, but as we see the evolution happen right in front of us it is hard not to think in grand terms.

So I will continue to have fun conversations, and likely will be met with more understanding as the evolution of this space continues. It has been a fun ride for us so far, and we are far from done.

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