LinkedIn Expands the LinkedIn Partner Marketing Program

Jill Conway


October 7, 2020 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

The popular social media platform for business professionals, LinkedIn, has a marketing partner program called the LinkedIn Partner Marketing Program. This program prides itself on its ability to help businesses find the right people to perform even the most intricate marketing campaigns. According to a spokesperson from LinkedIn, “Today we’re announcing updates to specialties – how you work with our partners – which will make it easier for you to find the right solutions for your marketing on LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to create content, grow your brand, convert leads, or measure the impact of your investments, our LinkedIn marketing partners are here for you.” The three categories that they have in their marketing program are planning, execution, and measurement. This means that they have marketing agencies ready to handle whatever portion of the marketing campaign you don’t know, aren’t familiar with, or aren’t knowledgeable about. 

LinkedIn currently offers help on any of the following tasks: 

  1. Page Management – Many businesses lack resources and extra time, so LinkedIn’s partner marketing program can help connect you with an agency that can organize your social media strategy. Hiring someone to post and engage on your company’s social media accounts will save you time to work on other portions of your strategy. 
  2. Content – Whatever kind of content your business needs, LinkedIn’s Partner Marketing Program has the resources to provide you with it. They will connect you with professionals that can get you SEO content on-time with great rates. Some things they can create are blog posts, videos, stories, social media posts, and more. 
  3. Audiences – Targeting your audience is key to improving the outcome of your marketing and ad investments. Partnering with LinkedIn for your marketing will help you to understand LinkedIn’s Campaign Management and improve your goals. 
  4. Campaign Management – Finding a partner to help manage your campaigns is easy with LinkedIn as there are endless opportunities to optimize and test your LinkedIn ads. The best partners help you start, scale, and then increase your ROI. 
  5. Lead Generation – LinkedIn is claiming that its partner program is the fastest way to get instant value with Lead Generation help. Their partners will bring you leads (on any given platform of your choosing), and it will save you time and increase sales faster. 
  6. Reporting & ROI – It can be tricky to understand the performance of your marketing campaign when reviewing a dashboard that’s filled with numbers and data points. However, LinkedIn plans to make its dashboard easy-to-read and understand, including data points like ROI.
  7. Insights – Usually, it takes a considerable amount of time to find the right audience and content insights for your marketing strategy and tactics. Linkedin’s partners can help reveal the data required to establish informed campaigns and content for LinkedIn. 

Check out more on the LinkedIn Partner Marketing Program and its updates by logging on to your LinkedIn account and diving in headfirst.

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