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LinkedIn Platform Update – Stories & Search Updates


Published: October 12, 2020

If you work in the business realm, then I am sure you are aware of LinkedIn and its many benefits to you, personally. It might not be a social platform you use every day, but when you need to build relationships through business, LinkedIn is the go-to platform. This week LinkedIn added major updates to its platform that include a new updated look, stories for their users, and blended search that might help you land the job. 

LinkedIn Stories

When posting on LinkedIn, it’s important to remember, like all other social media platforms, your content will be visible for the remainder of your time on the platform. However, other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have curved that concern by adding stories to your plethora of posting options. LinkedIn is joining the bandwagon as they add story features that only last 24 hours so you can share what’s happening in your professional life without worrying that the content will be permanently seen. This feature will only be available in the following select countries (for now): Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, UAE, and the United States. 

To post a story to your LinkedIn profile, users can touch the circle with their photo on the LinkedIn App and then click on the plus sign on the top left corner to open the camera. It will be similar to creating stories on other social media apps, which will help users fall into the habit of posting on their stories. Users will also be able to add photos or videos from their camera roll by uploading it to LinkedIn through stories. Videos can be up to 20 seconds long, and users can add texts, tags, and stickers to their stories, as they can do with Instagram. 

Blended Search

Users can now, more seamlessly, find what they’re looking for due to LinkedIn adding blended search to their platform. Blended search will also help users discover new content and different aspects of LinkedIn. You can search for more than just people’s names and their job titles; now you will be able to find relevant groups, events, companies, schools, and learning courses that you might want to join. Users will be able to filter their search results as well, to get to their desired results quicker than ever. For example, you can look for companies based on location, company size, and/or industry. This will break down your results into more specific categories. You may not see as many results, but the results will be more specific to what you are looking to find. 


In addition to these new features, LinkedIn will premiere a new look that they deem cleaner and easier to use. The new design is brighter, with a pastel color scheme on grey and white backgrounds. Overall, their goal was to steer away from the Facebook blue that they were using previously. They want the pastel color scheme to better embody their inclusive community of professionals. The new look will be much more simple and modern, while adding warmer colors to the palette giving users a more cohesive experience. A dark (or night-mode) theme has also been discussed but it is not yet available. Additionally, you will see more stylized illustrations of workplaces and groups of people you sometimes see around the site. These newer images will feature a wider range of industries and workspaces as we veer away from working in the office and move more towards a work-from-home lifestyle.  

Overall, the new features that were recently added to LinkedIn are sure to help you land a new job. 


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