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LinkedIn’s Developing a New Program to Support Content Creators on the Platform


Published: February 25, 2021

LinkedIn is attempting to reward their regular content creators by creating a platform to help support a framework for their creations. Ultimately, for the majority of us that use LinkedIn, that means added advertising and promotional opportunities through the app’s most influential users. 

LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief, Dan Roth, posted a job ad last week for the title of “Head of Community” at LinkedIn. This role is due to help creators around the world get ahead of the curve of LinkedIn Influencers. 

Roth explained more, “Creators are the lifeblood of LinkedIn. People who share their voice with the goal of building up the community – whether that’s by creating original posts, stories, videos, articles, etc.; amplifying new people to follow; sharing news and links and explaining why they’re worth your time; etc. – help us all see what’s possible and what’s coming.”

This move towards influencer-like users on the business-centric platform is due to LinkedIn’s major growth in conversations happening on its platform with content shared up 50% year over year in 2020. 

Once hired, the Head of Community will be focused on facilitating further growth for creators, which will appear as increased incentives for users to post, and keep posting, whatever career or lifestyle updates they want to share with their network. Eventually, LinkedIn wants to add new advertising opportunities in their videos, stories, and even a revenue-sharing eco-system. 

This update points to a potential future update with a creator marketplace, which would enable brands to more easily find relevant platform influencers to partner with for LinkedIn campaigns. The creation of a creator marketplace could open up a whole new range of opportunities for those looking to maximize their reach. 

If you’re someone looking to get started in the influencer world, this platform would be a great way to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. Soon it will even open up opportunities for monetary incentives, as well. 

Brands will benefit from this update, too. Aside from the possibility of additional ad spaces on LinkedIn, it would also give them an opportunity to manage their influencer campaigns within the platform, instead of needing a separate platform for campaign management. 

With an additional way to connect and collaborate with influencers in your field, this new platform is creating a whole new in-platform strategy, and we are excited to see the results. 


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