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The Mobile Revolution: Video Content


Today, more than half of all videos watched online are viewed on a mobile device. Mobile traffic shows no signs of slowing down, and the same goes for video traffic. Combine the two, and your business will be in the fast lane to content marketing success. This also means you have plenty of savvy competition, however, and you’ll need to bring your best to stand out. Take a look at some of the statistics regarding video on mobile platforms, as well as related tips on how to create videos that capture as much of this traffic as possible.

Sharing and Social Media

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Invodo reported that 92 percent of people who view a video on mobile share it with at least one other person. At that rate, social video might as well be considered mobile video automatically. This isn’t too much of a surprise when you consider how nearly every video platform doubles as a social sharing website or is easily integrated with others. The takeaway you should get from this statistic is simple: Make videos that people want to share, because the potential to snowball and go viral from smaller efforts is too good to pass up.

Human beings will share things for a number of reasons, such as to make friends laugh, spread an important message, educate others in their area of study, and more. Think carefully about what your business, brand, and products or services can do for others, and make content that serves that function as well. For example, a comedian selling funny audiobooks could release short, funny excerpt videos, with text and a minimal amount of accompanying visuals. If it’s funny enough to inspire others to share it, nearly every mobile viewer will do so.

Casual and Exclusive With Snapchat

While its young adult demographic and casual air might make not make it suitable for some businesses, Snapchat is explosively effective if your audience uses it. Users watch 10 million snaps, or short single-view videos, on Snapchat per day. Snapchat is also a perfectly designed system for mobile viewing, as every video has a 10-second limit, although six 10-second clips can be recorded in sequence and sent together. This means no one feels bothered by the arrival of a new snap because it won’t take up too much of their time.

People can check Snapchat in the middle of work, giving a business unparalleled reach and convenience compared to videos posted on Facebook, Twitter, or other sites. Just find creative ways to use Snapchat for business — things that inspire your leads to check your snaps immediately, rewarding them for being loyal enough to follow you.

YouTube’s Potential for Regular Views

Without counting desktop visitors, YouTube’s mobile traffic alone reaches more in the 18-49-year-old demographic than any cable network or broadcast. This age group is very familiar with YouTube, practically accepting it as their alternative to television, and that means an audience built within the platform can be amazingly loyal. YouTube is still the main place for people to check up on subscribed channels for new content.

If you’re serious about producing engaging content that keeps potential customers coming back again and again, it only makes sense to have a YouTube account and to base your posts around its algorithm. Just remember: YouTube videos have a crucial window within the first two days, where they can either get a lot of views from an initial splash or stay hidden and obscure after a slow start. But as you grow and gain more fans, new videos will have a bigger immediate splash.

Getting Sales With Social Video

It can be easy to devote a business’s content marketing entirely toward lead generation, without ever making content that promotes products or services to get sales. With social video, however, you almost can’t afford to be so roundabout. Sixty-four percent of consumers bought a product or service as a result of watching a branded video on social media. What’s more, view counts on branded video content have risen by 99 percent on YouTube as of June 2017 and 258 percent on Facebook. People don’t mind branded video content from trusted sources, especially when shared by a friend.

People introduced to your products in this way can even buy on the spot without needing any more familiarity. The social proof issue is resolved the second a trusted friend recommended your video enough to share it. Don’t be shy about making branded content that asks for a sale. As long as you have a ratio that strongly favors audience-first content, the occasional video asking for sales will be accepted and engaged with like any other. Just remember that a branded video is not a commercial, and giving and offering value to the viewer always comes first.

Running With the Revolution

To finish off, here are some fascinating numbers that might show you the value of jumping at an interesting opportunity in mobile video content. Between 2014 and 2015, video views on Twitter multiplied by 220. In the same year, “how to” searches on YouTube grew by 70 percent. You’ll find similar numbers for newer fads such as live video.

With numbers like this, one thing should be clear: The video revolution is happening not in steady, reliable trends, but in massive, erratic leaps from one topic and platform to another. Instead of doing what’s proved to work for other businesses for the past few years, look ahead and take a chance on something new. Who knows? In the course of a single year, you might be one of the brands to skyrocket your growth by riding the wave of a brand-new website or content niche.

Video content, like infographics and interactive content, takes more time, talent, and effort to create than pure text, audio, or visual media. However, despite all the reading material available online, people generally prefer to watch videos, and catering to that preference can pay off big time. If you’ve ever considered aiming for mobile viewers or making videos, there’s no reason to stick to one exclusively. Target mobile viewers in your audience with high-quality, easily consumed videos, and keep the stats and tips above in mind.

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