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13 Ways to Add Value to Your Content

But wait, there’s more! As you create blog content there are easy extras you can add to give your posts more value to the reader. Your headline encourages visitors to click to your blog, but these 13 components can keep people there.

Did you miss anything on the blog last week? We also recap the best-of CopyPressed from the week before:

Why Download the White Paper When You Can Get the Blog for Free?

A lot of B2B businesses use white papers and other gated content as a form of lead generation. It’s seems like a fairly straightforward trade-off, right? A reader (prospective customer) gives you their name and email address and in exchange they get your super awesome white paper for free. If you have a large […]

How to Effectively Create Viral Sharebait

When it comes to content marketing, Sharebait is an essential piece of the puzzle, but creating viral content that spreads across the internet like wildfire is easier said than done. Viral content has the potential to reach a massive audience, taking whatever it is you’re promoting to another level. There is no tried and […]

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