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8 Native Advertising Metrics to Look at Other Than CTR

An article by AdAge said that click-through rate isn’t used by advertisers because it’s particularly meaningful, but rather because it’s very easy to measure. Well, if you plan to take the easy way out in your native ad tactics, by all means rely on your CTR.[…]

Did you miss anything on the blog last week? We also recap the best-of CopyPressed from the week before:

Didn’t Think Obama and Galifianakis Were Funny? Take a Lesson in Native Advertising

Earlier this week, Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns delivered a delightful gift to Obama supporters, a mild stroke to the FOX News Nation, and a lesson to all content marketers. Unless you gave up all media for lent, you’ve seen the hilarious “PSA” episode […]

White Paper: The State of Freelance Writing in 2014

A few months ago we anxiously shared our freelance writing survey and successfully collected responses from 247 survey participants. Last week we released an infographic with some of the data and also a full white paper for the state of freelance writing in 2014.[…]

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