Nielsen Annual Marketing Market Report

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April 15, 2021 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

There is no doubt that there were unforeseen circumstances that coronavirus had on the global marketing market, so the Nielsen Annual Marketing Report discussed the adaptation of the market and marketing strategies in 2020. In order to continue a successful business during the coronavirus outbreak that shut down offices, restaurants, and anywhere else the government deemed non-essential, you had to adapt. 

The Nielsen Report dives into the importance of adaptation in a world where unforeseen circumstances lie around every corner. Now that more vaccines are being distributed around the world, we are seeing an uptick in the need for more marketing than ever before. As reported in an article on, “To be successful as a marketer, the ability to change and adapt is imperative—we’re living in an era of adaptation.” Brands are noticing that they need to be up to date on the preferences and habits of their target market because they have undoubtedly changed since last March. 

Jamie Moldafsky, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Nielsen, explained, “Covid-19 has tested us all, but now we are shifting from “what has been” to “what will be.” I hope you will find this report useful in providing insights on our industry and the implications of COVID-19. We are here to help as we let the reset begin.” 

In this report, you will learn about the smart marketing and advertising strategies for brands of all sizes to meet the pressure to drive ROI. You will read about the following points: 

  1. Why there’s never a good time to stop marketing
  2. How to reallocate marketing mix funds quickly amidst times of change
  3. Ways to modify your omnichannel strategy for the future
  4. What obstacles are hindering CTV advertising adoption
  5. How marketing technology can provide a smarter path to ROI
  6. Why advertisers need more than first-party data

If you are interested in learning more about the direction the marketing industry is headed due to the complications of COVID-19, download the Nielsen Marketing Report

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