Earlier this month we announced our upcoming Webinar featuring Sean Jackson and Sonia Simone from Copyblogger. The Webinar is scheduled from for tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28th from 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT.

There’s only a few open seats left, so don’t miss this awesome chance to learn about using Scribe, one of the most powerful tools in the content marketing industry, from the people who built it.

For the first part of our Q&A, we interviewed Sean Jackson, CFO of Copyblogger Media

1) What is the most unique feature of Scribe that can allow for maximum traffic generation?

Sean Jackson: “One of the best ways to maximize traffic generation is to find niche ideas and terms that have some degree of popularity and low competition.

When we built Scribe v4, we spent a lot of time thinking about how to find these niches. We knew that everyone did some form of keyword research, but too often, they focused on popularity, with little regard for how competitive their terms were.

In our new Keyword Research tool, we created a very simple way to help content marketers not only find popular terms, but we also created a way, that is patent pending, to determine how competitive a term is from the perspective of content marketing.

We then went one step further with our Keyword Details tool — analyzing your site for a term against those that are already ranking for the term, so you can easily see how much effort is required to potentially rank for a keyword on a search engines.

Traffic generation starts with research and with the new version of Scribe, we made it very easy for content marketers to find those niche terms opportunities.”

2) What feature do Scribe users often overlook?

Sean Jackson: “Internal Link Building is SEO 101, but many users don’t yet realize that we have a very slick way of showing you how to build effective internal links. Internal links from authoritative pages on your current site not only helps the search crawlers identify your content, they also help users find related ideas quickly.

Our Link Building tool focuses on finding the top pages on your site for specific terms based on their authority in search engines, and then gives easy instructions on how to link from those pages to your new page.”

3) What data do you find most telling in the Scribe tool?

Sean Jackson: “Without a question, it is our new Content Analysis feature. Before the Panda and Penguin updates from Google, we knew that “quality” was not just the content on one page, but the aggregation of content around a central set of ideas across the site.

When it comes to on-page analysis, most SEO tools focus just on the structure of the page. In Scribe we were one of the first to take the content of the page and compare it to the rest of the site.

This was an important leap, because users now had a quick way to visualize their content against the content on their site — something that no other SEO tools took into consideration.

As content marketers, we know that the power of our effort is amplified when our content resides with similar content that is focused around specific terms and ideas. With Scribe we made that process easy to conceptualize with our Site Score and Keyword Graph features.

For the second part of our Q&A, we interviewed Sonia Simone, CMO of Copyblogger Media

1) What is a great tip people rarely use to drive traffic using Scribe and great content?

Sonia Simone: “So many talented content publishers think that “If you build it, they will come.” But great content needs great promotion. I really like the Site Connections tool for identifying who we should be networking with — the movers and shakers for our specific topic.

It’s all very well to say “network with bloggers,” but first you need to identify who’s truly authoritative on the topic. We also provide some features that make networking a bit simpler and more efficient, so content publishers can really make the best use of their time.”

2) How have you seen Scribe have a major impact on traffic generation for your clients?

Sonia Simone: “We tend to see two types of clients, both of whom I find very cool. The first type already “gets” SEO, but Scribe allows them to do a lot of complex analysis very quickly and efficiently. So optimization that might have taken them hours now takes minutes. That means they can spend more time on creating really shareable, valuable content, and a lot less time optimizing it.

The other type of client has never really understood SEO, so they just created content and hoped for the best. For these clients, Scribe can make a massive difference in their traffic Scribe reviews. They’re able to take complex SEO concepts and easily apply them to quality content. “

3) What is your favorite feature in Scribe?

Sonia Simone: “It’s not so much a single feature — it’s the foundation of how Scribe was designed. Scribe puts the writing (and the writer) first. So it’s not about taking a handful of keywords and spinning up some gibberish and calling it SEO. It’s about starting with really good content, the kind that people want to read. Then gently optimizing that — without making it sound robotic or artificial. The focus on content first, then optimization is what makes Scribe special for me.”

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