Dave Naylor is one of the foremost authorities on organic search marketing in the world.

Dave Snyder is … well another guy named Dave.

For our next Webinar scheduled for 12:00pm (EST) on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 these two guys named Dave will tackle the issues, such as:

  • Penguins
  • Pandas
  • Orcas
  • Various Other Black and White Animals
  • EMD Update
  • The Top Companies in SEO
  • The Must Own Tools

It will be a rapid-fire webinar, that’s a must attend for anyone looking to drive organic search traffic to their site, or even hold on to what they have today.

40 minutes of quick fire insight from the Daves will be followed by 20 minutes of Q&A, so get your questions ready and sign up for the webinar today, space is limited.

Just in case you don’t know who Dave Naylor is:

David Naylor started working in the SEO industry over 15 years ago and owns the successful search marketing and web development agency, Bronco, with his wife Becky. Bronco strives to be a leading search marketing company running large online marketing campaigns for companies in competitive sectors, with excellent and sustained results.

David’s main motivational driving force is the belief that there is no point in having a site if it doesn’t rank No. 1. His dedication to giving clients great ROI has led to the constant development of new optimisation techniques and the ability to see algorithmic changes before most other SEO’s. David Naylor has the reputation of being one of the best SEO’s in the world, who has a proven track record of successes in the most competitive markets.

Recently Bronco has formed a strategic partnership with the experienced PR agency 10 Yetis, which now enables both companies to work side by side on marketing campaigns giving clients a complete package leading to better results for the long term future.

Space is limited – sign-up for the webinar now!

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