Tomorrow’s Webinar: Dave & Dave Take on the World

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 From 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

Guest Speaker: Dave Naylor

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  1. Biggest issue facing SEO today?

  2. Dave Naylor: Dave Snyder: Personally I think it is SEO getting mistaken as hacked sites and crazy BlackBox tech, which it isn’t of course. Today it’s making sure you don’t technically get it wrong in Google’s eyes, dupe content etc. server uptime, all the tech stuff that Google didn’t care so much about, obs. Links still are a dangerous subject in any form.”

  3. What’s the biggest issue facing online marketers today?

  4. Dave Naylor: “forget the ranking and how many links you got this month and think, “Is my client’s business growing? Are they getting rewarded for my efforts? Are they becoming a brand people search for and trust?”

  5. Is SEO’s biggest enemy Google or its own community?

  6. Dave Naylor: “Both and neither; Google will get fast at pushing out outdates and changes if you have nothing to fear then your golden, the community is still eats itself alive every so often I kind of feel we would have learnt that by now, but we haven’t. Get the competitor in the main stream media for spamming and Google will kill them, but Google will then look at that Industry, so you may get killed just the same as your competitor.”

  7. Do you think SEO will continue to undergo major changes and what will the effect be?

  8. Dave Naylor: “SEO to me is a technical discipline that will always stay but Link building as is will have to change; we still see sites ranking on Paid Links alone but that day has to end… (I said this years ago as well, so It might be 2 years time lol)”

  9. Who is the sexiest Dave?

  10. Dave Naylor: “in a recent Office poll Dave Naylor won”

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