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April 9, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

Social media has started a new generation of the way people connect across the globe.  Since the cavemen, human-beings have been using some form of communication. Three million years later social media is one, if not the best, ways people stay in touch, communicate, and outreach with one another.

When it comes to promoting your keywords, strategy is the name of the game and when you are molding your keywords to each specific social platform, you must know what the best ways are to create a social following. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are three of the biggest social platforms that promote user activity and networking. The key to optimizing your keywords is the following:

  • Constantly using your keyword on your social media platform(s).  Rule of Thumb: the more you use that keyword, the more likely you are going to be associated with that keyword on that particular social platform.
  • Include other users in posts or contribute to group message boards promoting your keyword and user profile. Posting in groups will help trend or develop your keyword
  • Build cross-promotional keywords that present themselves at the top of search engines like Google and Yahoo for that corresponding social media platform.
  • Remember: At the end of the day, it is the content on the user’s page that keeps visitors coming back and gets the word out on your keywords trending.

Keywords and Google+

Let’s start with Google+. To some, Google+ hasn’t come into its own yet and does not have the same type of track development as Twitter or Facebook.  Believe it or not, Google+ packs a big punch when visitors are searching topics. Google+ uses a keyword search method using the ‘top-searched-word’ or phases in their database generator. By incorporating key phrases in your post, tagging other users or groups (ex: @username), and providing a related username to your keywords you will help optimize the amount of traffic your post will generate under that keyword.  Another simple trick is making your main keyword your profile username.

Keywords and Facebook

Facebook is extremely similar in spreading your keyword out. Create a user profile with the name of your keyword and constantly use that keyword in the majority of your posts and picture titles. Facebook operates in the same type of search generator on the platform’s search bar located at the top of the Home page.

Keywords and Twitter

While Facebook and Google+ may be similar, Twitter is a whole other monster in when using keywords because of the concept of #hashtagging.  Make your keywords in Twitter related to your profile name, your #hashtags and other profile names (like your business or organization). This is called social tagging in and will help you network with other businesses and users.

Trending on other #hashtags is also a great way to be introduced to other users or businesses.  By using other trending #hashtags you will be added to the worldwide list of users using that exact same tag, thus spreading you post out among the millions of Twitter users.  Also, add your user name to all social platforms like this: @username in order to create cross-promotional keyword trending and help drive more traffic to your other platforms.

Now that you know some of these basic, simple strategies to improve traffic to your keyword make sure you brand yourself correctly.  Nothing is ever done right without practice and without constant repetition. The more you use your keyword and connect with others on the platforms the more recognizable your keyword will start to be to other platform users.

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