Last week the CopyPress team ventured out and attended Pubcon Vegas. We rented out some exhibitor space in the expo hall and had an awesome experience. Not only did we get to meet some amazing and talented people, but we also got to show off our new beta software and raise some money for breast cancer research too.

Our Booth

CopyPress is still a pretty young company, and we’ve only had an exhibitor booth for two smaller conferences. To prepare for our Vegas debut, we created a new display banner for our booth and printed up a bunch of flyer cards to help spread our message. CopyPress has always run pretty lean with marketing spend, so this was an exciting first for us to have promotional cards and giveaways at our booth.

pubconbooth1We rented a large TV monitor on a floor stand playing a video of the software demo on a loop for everyone to have a chance to view our software features and capabilities.

We also set up two laptops that were reserved just for beta software signups.

Our Offering

As you may have already heard, we’ve promised to donate $10 to breast cancer research for every new beta software sign up. Our goal is $10,000 and we’re almost there.

At our booth we promoted our new beta software and gave away free CopyPress sunglasses to anyone who signed up to check out our beta software. We also brought our tablets along so we could easily walk around and give a full software demo to anyone interested.

On the “endcap” of our booth, we promoted our CopyPress Pubcon games and twitter feed that we created just for this event. We were all pretty active on twitter, making evening plans with other attendees, promoting our software, and at one point there were threats to get married if we rallied enough signups.

We had a scavenger hunt and 4 rounds of Bingo available for anyone to play. We gave away a free Nexus 7 to the winners of each game.

Congratulations to Reah Sandberg for getting 5 in a row and winning our bingo game!

Congratulations to Draconius Grey for being the first to find all 4 clues and win our scavenger hunt!

All work, some play

As we set off for Las Vegas last Tuesday, we all knew we were going to be exhausted from the trip. We knew we had a ton of work ahead of us, and we knew that the fun temptations of Vegas would have to be ignored while we were involved with Pubcon. Both days of the expo hall being open were long and tiresome. We were on our feet all day, and talking to hundreds of people. While we were physically beat, we were mentally energized hearing all of the positive feedback about our company and our brand.

And although each day was packed with Pubcon work, at night we were able to relax and eat and bond as a team. Most of our food experiences revolved around a buffet option (as we brought Tommy’s never-ending stomach with us), and we ended up taking a limo to most places since the size of our group made the taxi option a little pricey.


Being at Pubcon was the first time I personally got to experience how the industry views CopyPress, and it was gratifying, humbling and inspiring all at the same time. We received a lot of positive feedback and recognition for projects we’ve worked on for the last 2+ years, and we also got the chance to see some of the projects and software other companies are creating. The energy at Pubcon is contagious, and it’s difficult to not get excited about the potential and the possibilities of content marketing’s future.

The Results

Overall we had a productive trip. During the 2 pubcon days, we earned 150 new signups for our beta software, and so far we have raised $3,530.00 for breast cancer research. We made a lot of new connections and friendships, and received a lot of feedback and advice. We had the chance to reveal our beta software and we were thrilled by how people responded to it.


We conducted interviews with 10 amazing Pubcon speakers & attendees while we were there. We’ll be releasing one of the interviews daily, starting tomorrow with my interview with Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures.

Be sure to check out each of the interviews to learn some tips from the experts about content marketing best practices, the secrets of email marketing campaigns, and maybe you can catch some of the outtakes too.

The Takeaways (and what to improve next year)


Promotional items go a long way at these conferences, and people can’t get enough SWAG. Although we gave away CopyPress sunglasses, and offered tablet prizes to win, people love t-shirts (I’m just as guilty of collecting free swag shirts as the next gal). We had quite a few people ask about our CopyPress t-shirts, and where they could get one. We’ll definitely add “CopyPress t-shirts” to our promo list for the next conference. If they’re as soft as SEJ‘s pubcon shirts, everyone will be sure to want one.

More Room, please

Space is hard to come by at these conferences, as the booths are stacked pretty close together. Throw in your booth staff, a large table, computers, TV displays, background display banners, and any additional promo items and your booth is severely crowded before the expo hall opens.

Not only were we demoing our software for attendees, and then inviting them into our booth to sign up for our beta software, but we also were conducting interviews at our booth too. Next time we plan to rent a standard 10×10 booth just for the interviews and survey discussions, and then manage all of the additional promotional materials, tech displays, etc. in an adjacent booth.

More photos of the expo hall & other exhibitors

We walked around and took some photos of some of the other exhibitor booths in the expo hall with us. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and chatting about new products, software features, and the future of SEO and content marketing.

For everyone who attended and stopped by our booth, thank you for checking us out! If you have some feedback about your experience with the CopyPress team, tell us in the comments – we’d love to hear it!

For anyone who missed Pubcon Vegas this year, I highly recommend attending in 2014.