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Outreach Finishing Moves: Mortal Kombat Style

When outreaching to bloggers, we all tend to come across admins and publishers that put up a real fight when you try to work with them. The constant battle leaves you weak and you begin to run out of moves. Before the blogger leaves you with a complete K.O., dig into your inner gamer.

Have you ever played (or heard of) Mortal Kombat? Think of some of the more well-known characters. Do some of the more difficult bloggers that you deal with remind you of them? Follow these finishing moves and think outside of the box when working with them.

Smoke: Poof! The Blogger Disappears

shutterstock_121518703This blogger, just like the character Smoke, vanishes without notice. You could be having great line of communication in the beginning with the blogger, sending three or four (or more) emails per day, and getting excited to work with them. The relationship with the blogger may seem to be going great at first, but then all of a sudden their emails come to a halt, leaving you hanging for days on end.

While the blogger may have given you the “buzz kill” after having a great connection and getting that article you wanted published, giving him/her a “heads up” may just do the trick! If follow-up emails don’t work, let them know you are interested in working with them by suggesting that you would want to contribute to his/her other sites or mention that you have friends in the blogosphere who are also interested in working with the blogger.

Sub-Zero: Cold, Short, and Straight to the Point

Have you ever run into a blogger that gave you a migraine? Who never liked any of the ideas that you pitched, and if he or she actually liked one, there was always something wrong with the content? This Sub-Zero blogger goes beyond just being picky, he or she is rarely polite and tends to rub you the wrong way.

You must remember that even though you are behind a computer screen and that you will never meet the blogger in-person, you need to keep your cool. Kill them with kindness and give them the respect like you would with anyone else. Who knows, he or she might be having a bad day or may even be testing you and your patience. Do not forget to give them a “have a nice day” in every email.

Noob: They May Not be New to Blogging, but They Sure Act Like It

shutterstock_11931352This blogger doesn’t have the best memory when it comes to his or her site and everyone who contacts it. The blogger may forget or mix up the content you pitched, or perhaps even forget who you are altogether. Even though this may give you heartbreak, there are a few hat-tricks you can try.

From the start, always try and make your pitch stand out among the rest. Tell the blogger how much you like his or her site, and don’t forget to make it personal. Bloggers can sense spam like sharks can smell blood. Try to find a mutual interest that the two of you share and chat about it. Get yourself involved in the blogger’s social media. Tweet on his or her wall and like a status on his or her Facebook page. Lastly, when you follow up with previous emails, recap main points from the conversation the two of you have been having. The last thing the blogger wants to do is waste his or her time going through old emails.

When you understand different bloggers like this, anyone can make a split decision with more confidence and better chance at winning! What finishing moves have you mastered while outreaching?

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