As we prepare for the hustle and bustle of the holidays, let’s take a look at the latest buzz made by business process outsourcing groups all over the world. Here is an Outsourcing Industry News Weekly Recap, brought to you by online marketing service company, Hua Marketing.

Datamark, Inc. Lists Top Outsourcing Trends in 2012

Datamark, Inc., one of the biggest process outsourcing companies in the U.S., recently released their predictions of what we can expect in the business process industry in 2012.

According to Datamark, Inc., advancements in technology will drastically change how the BPO industry works and new outsourcing options will be reviewed. Apart from that, the company also released a roster of the hottest trends in the industry next year.

Datamark, Inc. specified a rise in mobile apps, the infusion of the gaming industry with the BPO sector, and the creation of “social” contact centers. Also, they believed that public-private initiatives by different countries across the globe would help in the steady growth of the industry. Furthermore, these initiatives were predicted to affect how the U.S. deals with outsourcing and unemployment issues. These and so much more make 2012 an exciting year to look forward to.

Paychex Goes iPad

In its goal to provide accessibility and ease of use to their customers, Paychex, Inc. has launched Paychex Online Mobile Application for the iPad.

With this application, employers and employees can access all HR and payroll products and services by Paychex. This includes online payroll, health insurance, 401 (K), online reports and even Paychex Time and Labor Online. It also allows users to make changes to their accounts as well as access products like pay stubs and W-2s.

In addition to these services, Paychex Mobile also features an expanded landing page, a message center (Dashboard), a Reports Favorite section and several others that would surely make payroll and HR work easier.

Philippines’ BPO Continues To Grow

Sun Life of Canada plans to set up its call center operations in the Philippines in 2012 as part of the company’s process outsourcing expansion. They believe that the country’s competent English-speaking manpower and the increasing demand of competitive insurance will help bolster the expansion plan.

According to Riza Mantaring, president of Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Sun Life has positive impressions of the country and has already looked into the plans of setting up a call center. In addition, Sun Life Philippines has already moved to its new headquarters in Fort Bonifacio to accommodate the call center plans.

Furthermore, the insurance giant has recently partnered with Grepalife and Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. to provide customers more insurance options, marketing it as a viable investment for those interested.

India Explores Rural Areas as BPO Center Alternative

India’s BPO industry has steadily grown over the years, generating hundreds to thousands of jobs each year. And as the demand for competent manpower, IT majors are looking into setting up BPO centers in rural areas as an alternative option.

IT companies like Aditya Birla Minacs, Infosys, and Wipro are looking into hiring young, educated  people to become call center professionals. Apart from providing jobs in accessible locations, this move will help companies save on operating costs in comparison to the big cities.

Furthermore, companies such as the ones mentioned above have decided to outsource their other services to smaller centers. This move has proved to be beneficial not only to the call center companies but also to the country in general as it helps solve the unemployment problem.