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fountain pen copyediting on a piece of paper
Content Writing Copyediting vs. Proofreading: Why You Need a Copy Editor

If your business is currently running a content marketing campaign, it’s important that you understand the difference between copyediting vs. proofreading. But it’s also important for you to learn why a copy editor is so much more important to your overall marketing campaign. Whether you’re rewriting your...

14 Jul 2022

woman sitting at a table, typing on her laptop
Content Writing Hiring a Blogger: Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Finding the right blogger for your business is not an easy task. You often have to kiss a lot of frogs before you can find a prince to help you. And even then, that prince might serve another kingdom better than yours. That’s why it’s so important...

12 Jul 2022

black woman and white woman staring at a silver laptop at the end of a table reading why content marketing is effective
Content Marketing Why Is Content Marketing Effective?

You’ve likely heard the old Bill Gates saying, “content is king.” He wouldn’t have said that, and people wouldn’t still be quoting it about 20 years later, if there wasn’t some truth to it. But where did this idea come from? Why is content marketing effective? Today,...

7 Jul 2022

gmail load screen on yellow background to show how newsletters can help your business
Content Marketing How Newsletters Can Help Your Business

Many companies use newsletters to stay connected with their leads, customers, and target audience. They’re an easy and direct way to share company news, promotions, and anything else you want subscribers to see immediately. If you’re not using a newsletter yet, or you’re using one and not...

5 Jul 2022

computer on a desk
Content Creation Niche Content: Businesses Are Creating It, But Should You?

Businesses are always looking for the upper hand, especially when it comes to marketing. That’s why niche content is so helpful. It gives companies an opportunity to market their services in areas with less competition, while still boosting their sales and conversion rate. But businesses don’t always...

30 Jun 2022

phone with social media icons
Social Media How To Generate Social Media Content

Is your business trying to use social media, but struggling to develop views, followers, or engagements? You’re not alone. Social media is a behemoth that marketers have been trying to slay for years. Luckily, in all those years, they’ve learned a number of strategies to help you...

28 Jun 2022

macbook monitor, white keyboard, and white mouse on white table with hands on keyboard checking to see if someone's work is plagiarized
Content Writing How Will You Know If Someone’s Work Is Plagiarized?

With so many businesses in your industry or niche doing content marketing, not every topic you cover is original, fresh, or groundbreaking. But even if other people talk about the same topics, your content shouldn’t look exactly the same. There’s a difference between turning out content that...

23 Jun 2022

Man writing in a notebook
Content Writing How To Find a Content Writer for Your Marketing Needs

Every content marketing campaign needs a writer. But finding one, let alone many, to fill your content needs can be a major headache. Sure, you could hire the first one you find on Upwork, but are they going to match your brand voice? And even if they...

21 Jun 2022

cell phone with google map listing in white hand for local search intent
SEO How To Uncover Search Intent for Local SEO

It feels like, especially after 2020, the entire world has moved online. We rely more on eCommerce stores and shipping than ever before. Clients and customers like to choose chatbots and video calls to get their questions answered rather than traveling to a physical location. Is this...

17 Jun 2022

three pillars of seo against a hazy pink orange sky
SEO The Three Pillars of SEO: Prop Up Your Content Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to get better results from your content marketing without having to expand your marketing or sales teams. But, just because you don’t have to add personnel to get the job done, that doesn’t make the task easy. SEO changes fast...

16 Jun 2022

man writing in a notebook with a pen
Content Creation Does Your Company Need a White Paper? Maybe

White papers are a popular form of content marketing that a lot of businesses use. They often provide a ton of helpful information to their readers while demonstrating a company’s expertise and authority in its industry. Because of this, a lot of businesses wonder if they need...

14 Jun 2022

man using macbook at table creating content
Content Creation The Big Question: When Creating Content You Should…?

When creating content you should…? It sounds like a quiz question. In fact, it is a question from┬áHubSpot’s content marketing course exam. According to the quiz, the right answers are, “keep your audience top of mind” and “keep search engines top of mind.” That sounds easy. Think...

8 Jun 2022

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