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Episode 14: Pimp Your Viral Marketing

On this episode we talk to Sean Dolan, COO and President of Pushfire, about his first steps into viral marketing, and how his project,, exploded into a national story. We discuss the controversy around whether this tactic was exploitation

This is a rare uncensored glimpse into a viral campaign, from start to finish. We discuss how and why this worked, and what business owners can learn about this case study and how to apply it to their activities.


As noted in the podcast here is the link to

We also discuss Microsoft’s new mission statement, which I find to be humorous, but the other guys applaud, and look at the possibility of ICANN getting rid of private registration abilities.

We will also find out the one thing that could really ruin your day if you are a morning news broadcaster that is sent to a dairy farm for a report.


Videos from the show: 


House cat versus Mountain Lion:

Mystery Sound #1 :

Mystery Sound #2:


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