On January 24, 2011, Pixability released a new tool to grade the effectiveness of video marketing on websites. According to Bettina Hein, the CEO and founder of the video marketing firm, the grader is the first tool of its kind to measure the effectiveness of this marketing medium.

Get a Custom Report

The Online Video Grader is free to use. It customizes reports based on information you provide. You don’t have to own the website to get a report, so you can use the tool to research your competitors. To get the report, you need to enter the following things:

* The website or YouTube channel hosting the video

* The size of the company

* Your email address

Video Grader Results

When you enter the information into the tool, it will check the website for several factors and identify the top three strengths and weaknesses. Pixability’s grader will evaluate the following things:

* The video metadata

* The number of video results on search engine’s like Google

* The popularity of the videos on websites like YouTube

* The presence and location of videos throughout the company’s website

After compiling its initial search, the grader will convert the data into a grade on a scale from 0 to 100. Companies with higher scores are using their video marketing more effectively than companies with lower ones.

Marketing Analysis for Companies

Along with unveiling its new tool, Pixability released the first “Business Video Grader” report, analyzing Dow 30 companies and other major brands. The report did not identify any particular industry leader; however, financial and technological companies are utilizing video marketing better than other businesses.
Industry Results

Based on Pixability’s report, knowing how to advertise on TV has little to do with how well a company implements video marketing. McDonald’s, which captivates TV ads, ranked 40 out of 100. Starbucks trumped the fast-food giant with a grade of 82 and beat out IBM, which had a grade of 80.
With the free tool, website developers can get a snapshot to determine how effective a video marketing campaign is performing and find ways to improve it.