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Popular Social Networking Is Here to Stay

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April 23, 2011 (Updated: March 24, 2023)

Talking to friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking services seems to be a pretty popular and steadily increasing activity headed towards a prolific future. People are either sending a status update to their Facebook page, Tweeting what new website they’ve found on turtles in Tawain, or doing a geo-locator check-in to tell their social circle where the party is or what they’re doing for fun. Yes, social networking is definitely an active and popular activity that’s not going away any time soon, especially when the future of the industry is going in so many different directions.

The concept of socially networking has even taken form in many different but interesting ways including:

1. The mainstay way of chatting over social sites via your desktop.

2. Using mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) to interact, making it quicker, more convenient and interesting.

3. Using social networking referrals to find relevant and specific information. Some users rely heavily on the opinions of others, therefore they stand to benefit from custom searches, like the release and updated versions of Google Social Search.

Once thought of as a “passing fad,” activities like interacting with friends on social sites seemed more like a potential time-waster to some, but has become a massive, productive and profitable pool for many companies. For instance, there were two types of mobile handsets that were recently released by HTC, the mobile phone giant, that allows users to access their Facebook accounts. The phones were specifically designed to go directly to the user’s accounts through the widget prominently displayed on the phone’s screen. Users can instantly post updates, pictures, video or their geo location. This new mobile product not only increases potential buyers and site traffic, but the interest and interaction that the customer gains helps expose the product, and draw interest to the site and services in addition to the product.

Since users typically use their mobile devices to access their social networking sites, social sites can expect their traffic numbers and user/member numbers to increase. But, creativity is the name of the game, and if a site can increase customer usage, it’s a win-win situation all the way around. For instance, the company Myriad has also released a new social networking service that is primarily text-based, and users can access the site via their custom-built Xumii platform. Users aggregate their most popular networks into one accessible click, and instantly connect to all their social platforms in one click. Users who are frequent social flyers will especially benefit by saving time since there won’t be a need to vacillate between social sites and typing the same updates over and over.

Using various hardware or software systems for social networking is going to continue to grow and evolve as companies find creative ways to offer users multiple options to find, connect and share with their friends and business circles. The sophistication of social networking technology coupled with the market’s desire to have the latest, fastest, coolest and best value site at their fingertips is what is going to keep social networking popular for a very long time to come.

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