Today’s Pubcon interview features Matt Siltala, the President and founder of Avalaunch Media.

During my interview with Matt, we discussed some of his panel session topics, like using social media to learn more about your competition and linkbuilding. When I asked the big question: “should we continue to linkbuild [in the way that Google wants or otherwise]?”, Matt gave me the answer I was hoping for: “you shouldn’t linkbuild; you should write content that attracts links, (and get them naturally)…”

At CopyPress we work hard to make sure that any and all content that is published on our blog, on our community’s blog, or any content we write for our clients is high quality, and has value for the audience. I would never want to waste our readers’ time by publishing a weak or shallow article about something other than content marketing just to fill the editorial calendar, or just to publish something.

To hear from Matt Siltala and from our other interviewed guests that one of the big takeaways from Pubcon attendees is that quality is key for content, it feels amazing to have validation and support from the industry and to know that quality across the internet will continue to improve as the low calibre content is weeded out. The companies that have been creating high quality content for some time now, like Avalaunch Media and CopyPress, will likely have an advantage over the companies that have been mass-producing crappy content stuffed with links (at least we hope that’s the case).

Check out the full interview below to learn more about Matt, his company, and some of his big takeaways from Pubcon Vegas.

About our interview guest:

Matt Siltala is an online search industry leader and President of Avalaunch Media. Because of Matt’s passion for the online industry and all things IT, he loves collaborating with other industry leaders and speaking at search conferences like PubconSMXand Search Engine Strategies, and at other events and Universities across the country. Before forming Avalaunch Media, Matt co-founded Dream Systems Media in 2005, and has started several highly successful e-commerce businesses beginning in 1998.

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