To continue our Pubcon interview series, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Michelle Lowery, of Passion Fruit Creative Group.

Michelle has written for the CopyPress blog before, and her fantastic article still gets a lot of attention. Ironically enough, her article was about creating evergreen content. Anyone using an editorial calendar and a team for ideation and content management knows how difficult it is to create content that stays fresh beyond a recent event or fresh news story.

Because Michelle has successfully created an evergreen article about how to create evergreen content, it seemed only right for her to be our next webinar guest so we can all learn some of her tips and tricks for creating content that lasts (and discuss some other exciting content topics too).

Date and details for November’s webinar with Michelle will be released early next week!

During our interview I asked Michelle some questions about our new beta software to get her feedback on the demo I gave her. In her company, they produce a lot of content with a small team and likely face the same challenges that anyone who manages content creation often faces: managing content, ideation and outreach.

I was excited to hear such positive comments from her and I can’t wait to release our software to the public.

Check out the full interview below for her tips on content and the ideation process, and to hear some of her feedback on CopyPress beta.

About our interview guest:

Michelle Lowery is a Co-Founder and Creative Partner at Passion Fruit Creative Group. She is the nerdiest of word nerds, an avid reader, an animal lover and a pit bull advocate. Connect with Michelle on Twitter and Google+.

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