For today’s video in our Pubcon interview series, we’re sharing an awesome interview with Ross Jones of 2 the Top Design.

Ross shared some great tidbits from Matt Cutts’ keynote speech on what Google is focusing on for the next update, particularly tightening up authorship and rich snippets.

During our interview I asked Ross to share some tips from his speaking session and he gave some great advice for creating content the right way: making sure your content is high quality, and not expecting to rank high in Google if you don’t deserve it.

Check out the full interview below to learn more about Ross, his company, and some of his big takeaways from Pubcon Vegas.

About our interview guest:

Ross Jones has been involved in Internet Marketing since 1997. He is an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing & Social Media at Belmont University. Ross is the Founder of 2 the Top Web Design & Marketing, and also leads the 800+ member Nashville SEO Group.

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