In this final episode of our Pubcon interview series, we’re featuring an individual whose popularity and reputation extend even outside of the internet marketing space — Scott Stratten.

We caught Scott right after his keynote, so he was still pumped on his topics from his speech, which included hilarious corporate marketing blunders of the past, and his newly-published book QR Codes Kill Kittens. He shared several of those brow-raising marketing and QR Code fails with us. Scott also stresses the importance of delivering valuable content to your audience and not simply making content for the sake of making content.

Check out the full video below to hear more from Scott.

About our interview guest:

Scott Stratten is the President of Unmarketing and an expert in viral, social, and authentic marketing, which he has dubbed “UnMarketing.” He is the author of three best-selling marketing books, which all reflect his unique perspective on marketing. His newest book, QR Codes Kill Kittens, is a picture book for fed-up business professionals that details horrible QR code and marketing campaign fails. His passion for marketing can be experienced first hand when he’s on stage, as he is quickly becoming one of the most desired speakers on internet marketing.

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