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March 19, 2018 (Updated: January 23, 2024)


Many of our customers approach us and want help to improve the quality of their design content. They’ve been creating graphics, but they can’t get any traction on them.

When we talk to people who have tried everything and still don’t see the results they want, we present the idea of animated infographics. These tools stand out above most content on the web and give brands the opportunity to make a splash. Even if you have already experienced success with your content, interactives can give your marketing efforts a boost. Discover a few reasons why this content type wows on the web and drives traffic and website links.

Animated Visuals Help Direct the Eyes of Readers

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Graphic designers can spend hours trying to develop pieces that have a natural eye flow. If readers feel overwhelmed or confused when they engage with your content, then they will likely miss the message or bounce to somewhere else. As a result, graphic designers become storytellers, moving readers from one point to the next through the infographic content.

However, even the best-planned infographics can mislead customers. An important fact or point could get buried under an eye-catching visual. Without the complete flow that designers expect, calls to action are ignored, which can limit the number of leads generated. Animated visuals can work to prevent these problems.

Our eyes are attracted to movement. When we see something moving on a screen, we instinctively check it out. By incorporating moving visuals in the form of animations in your infographics, you can control where the reader’s eyes go. This observation doesn’t mean they won’t explore the static content, but the most important parts can be featured with the help of dynamic components.

People Learn and Remember When They Are Actively Engaged

Education professionals around the world are starting to understand the value of activities to engage students. When students participate in activities that make them create something or take steps to participate, they become more emotionally involved in the work. They care more about being right or wrong and work harder to master the content. Indeed, more teachers are stepping away from the traditional lecture model and are instead letting students get their hands involved in the learning experience.

If active learning makes young adults care more and remember the content, then why are you still using passive learning in your content? Reading, listening, and watching video content are all passive forms of engagement. Your readers have no reason to remember the information or who provided it once they finish.

Animated infographics engage people and allow them to directly access the information. Even if they’re clicking on different boxes to learn information or hovering over visuals, they have to do more than they normally would for static content. As a result, they’re likely to stay engaged with your content longer, remember it, and share it with others.

Animated Graphics Break Your Content Out of the Norm

Along with the content retention and engagement benefits that come with interactive infographics, other factors can benefit your marketing tactics. Consider the statistic that more than 2 million blog posts are written every day. Those are 2 million pieces of content that you need to compete with. This amount doesn’t include video content and social media posts, which also fight to catch your eye.

Infographics rose in popularity because they were different. They stood out in a sea of blog posts and presented information in an engaging way. Over the years, more people have started using infographics for their content marketing, making the medium more common. This rapid adoption has raised the bar for what graphic designers and content marketers need to do to stand out.

Animated graphics attract attention because they break the mold. If you want your brand to stand out and get noticed, your content has to be distinctive compared to what’s out there. Adding animation is a small step that can engage more people and convince them to share.

The good news is that you don’t have to take dramatic steps to use animated infographics. Consider including a few small GIFs or animations in one of your visuals and comparing how they respond against other pieces. If people like them, you can start creating more.

You Can Break Your Animated Graphics Into Digestible Bits for Social Media 

Cost is one of the biggest concerns clients raise when they consider interactive content. They wonder if investing in an interactive option will drive the same ROI (or more) as static graphics. This question is a fair question, as no one wants to feel like they’re throwing away money.

Fortunately, animated infographics can be broken up and used to engage top-funnel traffic on social media. Instead of sharing a full long-form piece, brands can pick one or two graphics and share them on Twitter or Instagram. Not only are you creating an interactive tool, but you’re also creating material for dozens of social media updates.

Animated infographics are also stickier than traditional blog content and static visuals. We often develop a six-month plan for our interactive content to continue driving traffic and leads through the design. While a blog post may last a few days and a static graphic could last a week or two, people will visit your animated content for months after it’s live. In other words, animated content can drive months worth of traffic and leads down the sales funnel.

Learn How Animated Graphics Can Help Your Brand

The good news is that you don’t need an extensive skill set to take advantage of animated infographics. While these tools require programming knowledge, you don’t have to look in house for your design options. We’re here to help.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of interactive infographics, contact the design specialists at CopyPress. We can explore options for your brand and brainstorm some creative ideas for interactive content. With animated infographics and infographic GIFs, you can improve your content marketing strategy and stand out as one of the best in your industry.

Are you interested in creating infographics online? CopyPress can help with that. Reach out today!

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