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Each Friday we send out a weekly newsletter that features an exclusive article that can’t be found on the blog. Here’s the article that was featured last week:

Nine Statistics about Mobile Conversions to Ditch Your Desktop Dependency

Despite the fact that most Americans are smartphone owners and tablet use is growing at exponential rates, most businesses haven’t embraced mobile optimization as much as one would expect. For those who are still in the dark ages about the benefits of mCommerce, check out these nine statistics.[…]

Did you miss anything on the blog last week? We also recap the best-of CopyPressed from the week before:

4 Big Publishers that are Getting into Native Advertising

Native advertising has been a controversial topic since it really came to fruition in 2013. Some people think it’s deceptive, while others believe it is something that’s going to dramatically change the way advertising is done. Despite the negative stigma […]

“Link Building” Can’t Get a Date to Prom

Valentine’s Day is one of the most polarizing holidays. Some people cuddle up with their significant others and gush over flowers and chocolates, while others are left out in the cold. In the SEO world, there are also some terms that feel the love and others… not so much.[…]

We wrap up the newsletter with the most recent Fresh Pressed which has a round-up of what’s interesting and relevant to content marketing on the web.

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