Should Your Company Engage in SEO for Homebuilders?

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March 3, 2022

When you think about search engine optimization (SEO) you likely think about the marketing industry. But any company in any industry that wants to rank their online content in a search engine can benefit from it. Homebuilding and construction companies are no different. Engaging in SEO for homebuilders can help get your company in those coveted top search results, which can lead to more clients and revenue.

What Is SEO for Homebuilders?

SEO for homebuilders is the process of optimizing your web channels to rank better in search. This may include your website, blog, social media accounts, or any other content you share about your business or services online. Homebuilder SEO requires a combination of on-page, off-page, local, and technical strategies to be most effective. The right balance among them for your company depends on factors such as:


4 Ways To Boost Your Homebuilder SEO

Use these tips to help increase your search positioning for your home building company:

1. Add the Best On-Site Content

Your web content is likely for both your prospects and your current customers. You can tailor your content to get the best SEO from each group. Consider adding or updating the following sections on your website:

  • Home and floor plan pages: Popular sections of your website that show people what their finished structures may look like. These may include features like images, pricing, virtual walkthroughs, and FAQs.
  • Office location information: This information can help your business show up in local search. Include information like your city or community name, address, phone number, and an interactive map.
  • Featured products: Use this page to showcase the products from your contractor and vendor partners. Sharing clear product information may help the buyers feel more confident working with your company or choosing more premium services.
  • Building process: Share the details of your multi-phase building processes. Consider including information like custom infographics, timelines, videos, guides, and informational articles.
  • Blog posts: Starting a blog can help you provide valuable educational information to your prospects and customers. Consider sharing information on topics like finding and preparing land, working with builders, home inspections, and financing.


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2. Become the Leader of the Pack

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Google search uses features called “packs” when sharing certain information and content on its services. You can focus on getting your content in groupings like:

  • Local pack: Used for grouping and sharing map and contact information content for businesses within a specific region or location to nearby searchers
  • Knowledge pack: Used to show information about a business, such as reviews, related social media profiles, and user-generated questions
  • Image pack: Contains photos, video stills, and GIFs related to the search topic
  • People Also Ask: This pack contains frequently asked questions related to the original search query


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3. Build More Than Homes

Homebuilders can construct links and review building profiles to get better reach online. They have relationships with realtors, customers, contractors, the media, and community partners. These are all opportunities to build your backlink profiles by getting other people and organizations to link to your website or share your content online. You can also encourage your customers to share reviews about their positive experiences on Google or third-party review sites.

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4. Optimize for Mobile Devices

Google uses a mobile-first indexing approach with its content. What does that mean for your business? It means that the service prioritizes the mobile versions of websites and content when sharing results with searchers. If you don’t optimize your content for mobile viewing, you may miss out on the chance to appear as high as possible on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The more you practice these optimization techniques, the better you can get at them. Soon, SEO for your home building company may become second nature. This can allow you to rank higher in search and reap the benefits that come with it.

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