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SEO Strategies Continue to Focus on Google for Good Reasons

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies largely focus on Google’s ranking system, which uses a variety of factors to determine which websites match a user’s search query best. In the wake of the recent dispute between Google and Bing, many online business owners find themselves wondering whether they should use SEO strategies that focus on techniques used by other search engines as well.

Why SEO Focuses on Google

SEO strategies have largely focused on Google because it was the most popular search engine with the best algorithm at a time when the Internet absolutely exploded in popularity.

Recent estimates from Alexa, a company that provides data analysis services for websites, show that about 42 percent of Internet users in the world visit Google. That means approximately 422 million people use Google on any given day.

Google, in other words, dominates the Web right now. If 42 percent of users rely on Google, then that only leaves 58 percent for all other search engines to divide among themselves. When you divide that 58 percent among all of those search engines, it becomes quickly apparent that none of them have the same kind of control as Google.

Bing and Google Search Results

Google’s recent allegation that Bing stole some of their search results also contributes to evidence that Google reigns supreme online. The public will probably never know whether Bing actually took the results because neither of the companies wants to take the fight to court. Still, the evidence provided by Google was rather damaging.

If Bing usurped Google’s search results, then that speaks quite highly of Google’s ability to find relevant websites for their users. Otherwise, Microsoft wouldn’t have bothered.

A Model Search Engine

Most SEO professionals continue to focus on Google ranking techniques because Google is the most popular search engine. Plus, other search engines play close attention to Google. Everyone in the industry knows that Google has the most effective system, so when Google makes changes, other search engine developers study those changes closely.

That means Google has an effect on the entire industry. When SEO professionals optimize websites for Google, they boost rankings with other search engines too. It’s hard to go wrong when you focus on the most effective strategies for boosting Google search results, so that’s what they do.

Maximizing SEO Effects

Just because you should focus on Google rankings doesn’t mean that you should dismiss results from other search engines. If optimization gave you a top Google ranking, but buried you on the 10th page of results from other search engines, then you would have a problem to deal with. True, that doesn’t seem to happen, but it is worth paying attention to how well other search engines find your websites.

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