Our next Webinar is scheduled for today, September 19th and will take place from 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST. In this month’s webinar we’re featuring guest speaker Carlos del Rio, the Director of Conversion Analysis & Digital Strategy at Unbounce. He will be sharing insider tips for optimizing conversions using digital content.

Carlos del Rio

Director of Conversion Analysis & Digital Strategy at Unbounce

Carlos is the co-author of User Driven Change: Give Them What They Want and A Strategic Framework for Emerging Media. He believes that proper use of traffic analysis and breaking down barriers between web-involved departments is fundamental for businesses to succeed in a web driven economy. When he isn’t actively irritated by something about the Internet or writing, he likes to build things, take his dog on meandering adventures, and inflict amateur comedy on innocent bystanders.

Q. How did you get into online marketing, and specifically conversion optimization?

Carlos: “After college I was working teaching afterschool art classes and one of my friends asked if I know anything about Japanese animation. I started out as the Affiliate Liaison and PPC Manger for Viz Media. Over time the job evolved into being a more comprehensive member of the marketing team and working on how to improve our conversion rates.”

Q. What does Unbounce.com focus on improving for webmasters?

Carlos: “Unbounce is focused on making marketing and page-building easier. Our page editor lets people drag and drop to build their layout and quickly duplicate so they can run A/B tests. We also host all of the assets, so you don’t need your own IT department to be involved with getting tests set up.”

Q. Your presentation has a focus on viral marketing, how valuable do you think social traffic can be?

Carlos: “Social is invaluable for brand awareness and creating community. Once you have momentum everything becomes a little easier, even the trench work of online marketing. But in almost every case, social traffic is an early touch point, rather than a last touch, in the conversions that involve money.”

Q. What is the key component to going viral in your opinion? (i.e. without X it wouldn’t work.)

Carlos: “The key component of viral content is “talk loud, and carry a big stick.” If you aren’t willing to talk about yourself you are going to be drowned out. If you don’t have anything to back it up no one else will talk about you.”

Q. What is the key component of converting viral traffic?

Carlos: “Focusing on the early stage, decision and discovery, actions as the main conversion actions. Viral traffic is going to touch a lot of people that have never heard of you. You need to secure a relationship with those people, so you can make the major conversion down the road.”

Q. Why should people check out this webinar?

Carlos: “I’m going to show a full viral cycle: launch, distribution, landing page, testing, and renovation. More than a year later we still have continual traffic and have received 100’s of e-mails and over 20,000 tweets about the Noob Guide. You will literally see how Oli and I do our job.”

Thank you Carlos; we’re really looking forward to learning more; for anyone that has not registered for today’s free webinar, there is still time! Sign-up here or in the form below. We’ll see you there!

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