At the last check on the social networking Goliath, not much had changed since about 12 months ago. They’re still huge.

  • There are over 500 million active users on the site, with 50% who log in daily
  • Users spend an average of 700 billion monthly minutes on the site, collectively
  • The average Facebook user has about 130-150 friends

Agreeably, the success that the network has experienced is in part to Facebook’s crafty marketing team, but its continued notoriety is generated by the users. Members range from individuals sharing their dinner selections to companies marketing their widgets solely to the Facebook crowd. So what’s so special about Facebook?


Within Facebook exists sub-communities made up of specialized groups who all share common interests. These interests are what binds them together, creating those even tighter-knit sharing communities.  After all, when a company’s name becomes a verb, as in “Facebook me,” then you have to admit there’s definitely something they’re doing right. Can your company do the same?

Does your company provide something that creates an industry buzz?

Can your company create its own social network?

Not only is the idea possible, but with the right marketing efforts, it’s also probable.

The Benefit

Many companies have happily jumped on the social bandwagon, creating their own user-specific social media sites. These specific sites are designed with the users in mind to create a platform where relevant business information can be accessed and shared freely. This increases users and traffic, and establishes the business as a reliable source in its genre.

These specific online communities are designed to encourage interaction, making it advantageous for users to stay on your site longer. The demographics tracked from targeted areas help improve the businesses services (through feedback) while providing relevant updates.

Business social sites are a great idea to pursue, especially if there’s a flurry of industry-specific topic or demand. Build one and encourage your users to discuss their dinner selections as you share your company’s next software release.