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Put a Fresh Spin on Content By Drilling Down Your Idea

Marketers are constantly striving to create unique content that entices readers to share. Oftentimes an in-depth article or series of articles is staring you right in the face. Let’s look into ways that content marketers can get inspired from existing content.

Did you miss anything on the blog last week? We also recap the best-of CopyPressed from the week before:

Let’s Kill the Platform-Focused Mentality

I have a lot of fun talking to people about CopyPress and where our long-term vision lies. Going into the conversation most people have one or two incorrect ideas about us, and all of them are centered around platform-specific ideas about marketing. […]

Looking Back: 1 Year After Site Re-launch (part 1)

I was brought up to love traditions. My parents have always been big on celebrating holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. So it’s only natural that I love celebrating annual events too. Back in July when I saw CopyPress’ 2nd birthday approaching on my calendar, […]

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