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Smart Goals to Set for Your Social Media Campaign

While social media is a great resource for marketers to produce significant business results, it isn’t as easy as just setting up a Facebook account and sharing a few pictures or words about your brand online. There are strategies behind creating an effective social media campaign, starting with determining your business needs and goals.

Be SMART and Relevant

It’s important to know what you want to accomplish with your social media campaign and to be SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Reliable, and Timely) when determining your goals. Your goals should be both achievable and measurable so that you can track your progress and evaluate your success. You need to set objectives and measure the KPI’s for each goal.

shutterstock_149845730When setting up your social media campaign, it’s important to set goals that meet your business needs and help sales, productivity, and marketing. Don’t create random goals that are irrelevant to your overall business plan. Your goals should challenge you but should not be unachievable or deter your company from growing.

Here are three common and SMART social media goals:

Cultivate a Positive Reputation

As easy as it is to create social media accounts for your brand or business, it is just as easy to create a negative following and form a bad reputation for your company and/or brand. Growing a reputable and significant following can really help your business grow in many aspects – including lead generation.

You can create a positive following by knowing your target audience, engaging with them, and getting them to trust you. This is an uphill climb as 75% of consumers don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements. Be sure to also keep track of metrics such as total reach, comments, replies, and mentions by your audience to respond quickly and maintain engagement.

Proliferate Brand Recognition and Awareness

One of the most common social media goals is brand awareness, and the most common strategy when it comes to brand awareness is content. Creating content that your audience can relate to is an effective way to promote your brand. Rather than just sharing content about the cost of your product, try and find a way to relate your brand/product to your target audience. Keep your audience learning about your brand by sharing company news, your stance on the industry, success stories or even the culture of your company. 


Build New Leads and Increase Revenue

Generating leads, making sales, and increasing revenue are always top priorities for any business. There are effective strategies in social media marketing that can help your company do all this if implemented correctly.

To generate leads, offer incentives to your audience and follow up with inquiries. It’s important to not oversell or force your products/brand. Be sure to measure your ROI from social media marketing to see which strategies were successful and which weren’t. According to PRWeb, companies that used social media strategies for marketing saw a 60% increase in revenue while companies that didn’t saw only an 8% increase. 

It’s Social Media’s Time to Shine

Using social media as a marketing tool has become increasingly popular for companies and organizations worldwide. Social media campaigns have helped companies target markets and audiences through effectively promoting their brand or products. According to a social media study done by the University of Dartmouth, 34 percent of Fortune 500 companies are blogging, 77 percent have a twitter account, 70 percent have a Facebook account, and 69 percent have YouTube accounts. These numbers continue to rise as more and more companies find success in social media. Are you one of them?

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