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Snyde Comments: A Bentley Kit Doesn’t Make a 300 a Bentley

It really doesn’t matter how good the Bentley body kit you put on your Chrystler 300 is, you are still driving anything but a Bentley.

This simple concept seems to evade a whole group of car owners that think the rest of us can’t tell the simple difference between awesome and faked awesome.

I feel this way about a lot of online startups.

We are given a lot of shine, but not a lot of substance.

Not a lot of jelly in those donuts.

The issue is that people get caught up in the flashy side of the startup business. Thinking that startup success revolves around marketing, buzz words, and b.s.

I wonder why they would think something like that?

Has anyone seen the piece of pop culture gold called Silicon Valley Startups. No? Don’t worry about it, just take any of the Real Housewives shows and make them play on the computer a little more. Done.

In one of the scenes, they film Sarah Austin getting undressed, then dressed. Obviously an important part of the startup experience.

It reminds me of another show I’ve seen.

This is what people think startups are about: Parties. Marketing. Pitches.

I was actually watching this particular episode with some members of the CopyPress staff, and they were obviously confused, “How come our lives aren’t like that?”

Well, it’s because we are trying to build a real Bentley. That means we are lean, we work hard, and we put substance before flash. So many companies do what I refer to as, “polishing the turd.” Simply adding coats of polish doesn’t make it smell any better.

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