This was a very interesting week for us at CopyPress.

It marked our second Halloween Party, and we had a blast. Our core values based on community and family were in full swing. We welcomed new members to our team, and put an injection of fun into the workweek.

At the same time we watched with reverence as customers, community members, family, and friends, dealt with one of the most destructive storms to ever hit the North East.  We checked in and offered support where we could, but mostly felt powerless as we saw the images and commentary from Sandy’s aftermath roll in.

It’s tough to care about such small meaningless things like a child’s holiday, while so many have lost so much. However, this dynamic sets up an interesting time for reflection. We can’t control much in this life, but we can enjoy the small things when they come, because they may be gone tomorrow.

I think we have injected this basic concept into our CopyPress culture. We have undergone major difficulties as we strive to grow the best crowdsourcing content marketing company in the world. When the victories come, admittedly less often than we would like, we take the time to enjoy them and reflect on the job well done. Then it’s back to the daily grind.

Silver linings come out of unexpected places in these times of reflection. Neighbors helping neighbors, and communities drawing together seem to tell the tale of our ever-resilient fellow Americans.

I hope everyone affected by the storm is safe, and will find some normalcy soon.  For now, try to find peace in the small things.