Pubcon was this week and Authorship was a hot topic. A lot of the talk was about how it fits into the marketing mix, both now and in the future. As most of this conversation evolved, much of it turned into marketing practices to capture the value of Authorship.


So now the entire SEO community is eyeing pro-bloggers like Ash does a Pokemon. Gotta Catch ‘em all!

Every time there is a major update or change on a monumentally important traffic driver we, as a community, respond in this way:

Marketer 1: “Did you see that Platform X did Y?”

Marketer 2: “Yeah, we better figure out how to game that in the next 5 minutes.”

In large part, our adverse as a group to the calluses that come from the grind of sustainability.

The question, the real question, we should be asking ourselves as a marketing community is “What is the recipe for building a valuable authorship graph?”

Based on all the information we have, the recipe would have a pinch of niche-based relevancy, blogging for multiple high power sites in that niche, and a social graph that shows a major following. Yes, this will take more effort than going out and trying to pitch specific writers to do your bidding, or tricking them into taking actions on your behalf, but it is also more sustainable. It offers real value to the Interwebs overall.

I think we are going to see Authorship trickery replace link buying over the next 2 years. The best SEOs in the world are sitting in their offices experimenting with it today to see what is possible, and once the crack is found, the water will being to at first drip, then pour.

Because innovation begets copycats, and copies are never as bright as the originals. This is where blog spam went south.

What will our strategy be here at CopyPress? I will be helping CopyPress writers grow into Authorship superstars and watch us all reap the benefits of our mutual hard work.  Our training and community platforms will help to nurture writer growth.

So I implore the community to roll up their sleeves and begin testing and hacking strategies together that involve not only Authorship, but the value of similar metrics (affinity) in Facebook’s EdgeRank.  We are seeing the definitive growth of the social graph in its value to the marketing mix, but how we approach this is up in the air. Will we go for the short easy win, gaining ROI that’s just a fraction the amount we could attain, or give it some elbow grease and attain a sustainable revenue driving strategy?