Today is another step in our journey to cultivate our core values at CopyPress. We believe strongly in the power of our Community and our Commitment to Learning and Testing, so we are going to begin offering a variety of trainings at the CopyPress HQ in Tampa.

These trainings will be small, free, and will be open to staff as well as guests.

These trainings will be created and administered by the CopyPress staff in areas where they feel they have a specialty. This will be much different than most corporate training programs as it will be hosted on a variety of topics (the staff has free reign over the topics they choose, and when/if they present them). We are excited to see what the staff comes up with.

To get things rolling I will be doing our Content Lifecycle Training over the next four weeks in Tampa. The first training will be tomorrow, Friday the 15th, at 11:00 a.m.

You can also sign-up for the on-going CLC trainings here.

You can also bookmark the calendar below to keep up on our offerings as they expand. We will also make sure to update CopyPressed when we have really interesting offerings.

We hope this initiative will allow our staff and community to grow professionally. Let us know your ideas for possible trainings in the comments.